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8 Lifetime Anti-Mosquito Tools

Protect yourself from mosquitoes with JiJi!

The least damage a mosquito can do to you is being annoying. According to President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI), mosquitoes cause 128 out of every 1,000 deaths in Nigeria alone transmitting the life-threatening disease. Living in Lagos, Abuja, or Sokoto doesn’t really help – simply staying on the territory of Nigeria automatically puts you at risk of developing malaria.


We at JiJi have carefully picked out 9 most effective anti-mosquito tools that we use to keep us and our families safe. Let’s see whether they can do any good to you and the ones you love!

1. Mosquito repellent lamps and traps

An anti-mosquito killer lamp works from electricity attracting the insects by blue light. After entering your home without invitation, a mosquito heads towards the lamp while you sleep and gets immediately killed by the current.  The lamp spreads eye-pleasing light and can easily survive in your bag or suitcase while you travel thanks to its handy size.

Tip: every now and then you will have to clean the lamp and an area around it from dead mosquitoes.

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2. Mosquito bed nets

We frequently use mosquito nets for a few reasons. In the first place, covering beds of various sizes you can scrunch it up into a little pile and use the net in a different room. Secondly, bed nets have adjustable hooks to make it supereasy for you to hang them where you wish.

Tip: some of our JiJi team members attach bed nets to their children’s beds to protect their kids from itchy mosquito bites.

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3. Mosquito bracelets

Made of citronella oil, these mosquito wristbands contain no chemicals and are therefore safe for mothers-to-be and newborns. We usually put the bracelets on at barbeque parties or other outdoor/indoor events, wear them for as long as the event lasts, and put them back in their package until later. This way, you can use a single bracelet multiple times.

Tip: best works if put on a wrist or ankle

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4. Mosquito bats

We think mosquito bat is the funniest way to fight those annoying flying insects. You take a bat charged from a battery and hunt for mosquitoes which die instantly once you hit them with the bat.  We call it mosquito tennis. So, ready to play?

Tip: do not touch the bat inside as it can give your fingers unpleasant electric impulse

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Protect yourself from mosquitoes with JiJi!

317497_lg-anti-mosquito-split-air-conditioner-2-0-hp_620x5895. Mosquito air conditioner

We have one at our office and it absolutely helps. This mosquito air conditioner not only saves us the trouble of dying in a scorching heat but also scares all mosquitoes away with its noise-free ultrasonic wave technology. Frankly speaking, we haven’t paid much attention to this feature first but in a while it has become our fave.

Tip: ultrasonic wave usually works within a 10-meter radius

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859632_1403849208-667548138-1_410x2706. Fumigation services

Well, this is quite a project. When fumigation service team arrives, you will have to leave your house for about a day depending on the fumigated area.

Tip: before ordering ask for how long you can expect your dwelling to be mosquito-free

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1134210_img-20150729-001700_620x5857. Long-sleeved clothing

We strongly recommend you to wear long-sleeves and pants when you leave your house. If it’s hot outside, go for clothes made of light fabric but make sure your whole body is nicely covered.

Tip: sweat attracts mosquitoes so avoid overdressing.

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$_358. Keep the toilet lid closed

Make your house or office safe by always shutting the toilet lid and eliminating mosquito-friendly environment. They just love breeding in water so try to keep an eye on sinks.


9. Read labels

Some repellents and fumigators contain chemicals that can affect your skin and lungs. For instance, check to see that diethyltoluamide (DEET) doesn’t exceed 50% in your repellent. You can also apply citronella oil or take vitamin B which is reported to have noticeable anti-mosquito effect.


By sharing these 9 lifetime anti-mosquito tools, our JiJi team hopes you find them useful. Please consider spreading a word about them to help our community stay safe all year round.

Protect yourself from mosquitoes with JiJi!

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