8 Signs Your Car Needs Better Care

As an experienced car owner, you probably know everything about car maintenance. You’ve spend ages choosing the right car, and now you try to keep it in a perfect condition, because we usually buy car that can last us a decade. However, no matter how expensive your car is and how long you’ve had it, there can still be things that you’re not taking proper care of. With our tips your favourite car will always be in a spotless condition, so you will always be able to depend on it whenever you need it. Before you see the signs that your car needs better care, take a look at a selection of cars for sale on JiJi, including Toyota, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Honda and Lexus.

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1. Low engine oil level

IMG_0094-500x375The efficiency of your car engine depends on a lot of things, and the level of engine oil is one of the most important. Sufficient lubrication is a key thing that influences the correct engine operation. To avoid problems with your engine you need to regularly check the oil level in your car and replace the oil using the necessary kind and quantity. Most often oil needs to be changed every 3,500 kilometres for drivers in big cities.

2. Grease and stains

The first thing you notice when looking at someone else’s car is the stains. Spilling a drink or some food on your car seats or floor is fine, especially if you often travel with children who often create a mess with their food. However, not cleaning the mess on time is a sign you’re not taking good care of your car.


3. Ignoring the noise


Most car owners who have several years of experience know that various noises the car makes cannot be ignored – usually they are a sign of some problems with the car. If you’re hearing the noise and you don’t know where it’s coming from – don’t wait until an accident happens; take your car to the nearest repair station and find out what’s wrong with it.


4. Reckless driving

Some drivers are very careful about driving and parking – they will try their best to avoid accidents and any kind of damage to their cars. However, there are many drivers who don’t care how they drive or park. They will bump into other cars, scratch their car on traffic cones, fences and other items, which will eventually make their car’s appearance deteriorate. Avoid damaging your car by driving and parking carefully.


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5. Dashboard gauges that don’t work

In a lot of cars that are 10 and more years old you can see dashboard gauges that are out of order. When the gauges are in an optimum condition, it’s very easy to check your fuel level, oil pressure, engine temperature, outside temperature and other useful information. But how to check all this data when the gauges are not working? This is why you need to regularly repair your dashboard.


6. Your radiator water reservoir is empty

The correct operation of your car’s radiator is ensured by a small plastic tank filled with water. If our radiator tank is constantly empty, the radiator will not work as intended, which means your car can get overheated a lot. Nevertheless, if you regularly add water to the tank and the tank is still always empty, it might be a sign of a leak or a crack in the tank, meaning you should repair or even replace it.


7. Smooth tyres

A visible thread line on your car’s tyres means that the tyres are still new and safe to use. At the same time, smooth tyres with no thread line means your tyres are worn out and can no longer be used. Old tyres have no grip with the road, which can lead to serious accidents where you can damage your car or even cause your passengers to sustain injuries. To ensure safety of your passengers and your car, take your car to a reliable tyre shop and change your tyres as soon as you notice signs of wear.


8. Messy interior

Having a couple of items lying around in your car is perfectly fine – after all, we’re humans who cannot keep everything in perfect order all the time. However, if your car looks more like a dumpster, it might be a sign that you don’t care about your car. It doesn’t matter if your kids are the one who created a mess, or you did it all by yourself – spare 10 to 15 minutes every weekend and clean out your car. You’ll instantly notice how good it feels to drive a clean car!


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