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ASUS Company: Facts, Numbers And Perspectives

Recently, Zen Festival was held in New Delhi, India, and lots of developers have introduced their inventions.

Now we are going to discuss issues concerning ASUS (from history to the modern features).

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A bit of history

The engineers of the potential ASUS company used to co-operate with Acer, and biography of ASUS was largely dependent on the development, success and failure of Acer.

Nevertheless, in 1989 4 engineers gathered in a cafe and decided to establish their own company. Actually, it was the birth of ASUS 🙂

It’s worth mentioning that the next year they made a breakthrough: ASUS launched a motherboard Intel 486 simultaneously with IBM! Effective cooperation began, that’s why ASUS started producing motherboards for other companies: Dell, HP, Sony etc.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough staff at the beginning, but than the CEO, Jonney Shih, called the graduates of the university he finished, and a lot of them agreed to work for ASUS. Have you known that nearly 13 800 people work in ASUS nowadays, with 6 000 in Taiwan?


Interesting facts and numbers

  • ASUS has manufactured 5 000 million motherboards!
  • In the first half of 2015 ASUS became the leader of SIM-free smartphones, with the market share of 29,6% of customers.
  • ASUS CEO, Jonney Shih, is keen on classical art, that’s why he demands his colleagues to create the pieces of art, not just technology. It’s the secret of refinement and beauty of ASUS products.
  • Sometimes developers are too focused on the technical characteristics of the product, that’s why it’s hard for them to understand why a certain product is sold in small amounts. To avoid such misunderstanding, one of the principles of ASUS company is to test the product as a customer, without thinking too much about the features, but trying to use it with convenience. It’s a means to reveal all the flaws of the product.


Future perspectives

It is known about 2 global projects of ASUS (but we’re sure that ASUS has much more!).


  1. The ecosystem for the smart house. This project includes the warning system for doors and windows, smart peripheral devices for charging and IP-cameras. If you want to know more about the perspectives of houses, read this article.
  2. Da Vinci Lab. And this project is dedicated to evolving the systems for processing of large amounts of data and, of course, robotics. Artificial Intelligence will be all around soon!

We hope we’ve just discovered something new and interesting.

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