Athletes Favorites: Top 6 Foods For Muscle Growth

Everybody who is involved in power sports should pay maximum attention to his diet. When you exercise, you spend an enormous amount of energy – and it has to be replenished by consuming right foods that not only give you energy, but also provide your body with building material.


Choose best foods on JiJi – and use the knowledge we give you to make your workouts super successful!



Do you want to see the results of your workouts as soon as possible?! That is just impossible without right foods that help to grow muscles, even if you will be running on treadmill and lifting weights 24 hours a day!


We reveal the secrets of proper diet that will help you become stronger and build muscles in a very short term.


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Buckwheat and other cereals

Perhaps you didn’t know it, but for athletes and people, who are seriously engaged in sports, buckwheat porridge is an ideal source of energy that doesn`t contain fat and simple carbohydrates. Buckwheat is a rich source of correct carbs and amino acids that contribute to building muscles.

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Thanks to its nutritive value, buckwheat is great for those, who is prone to thinness and has problems with the growth of muscles. Of course, in addition to protein and amino acids, buckwheat is rich in vitamins and minerals. Also, it is very rich in zinc and iron. However, these elements are also contained in wheat, oat, and rice.

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Meat also plays a key role in athlete`s diet, but not all types of it. For example, fatty pork, smoked or cured meats are your enemies, you should remember that. But turkey, chicken and lean beef are your friends!


Beef contains a huge amount of amino acids necessary for cells growth. It also contains kreatine that increases muscle mass, reduces fat and enhances body endurance. If you want to lose weight and gain muscles in gym, adding beef to your diet will allow you to achieve your goals in record time.


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Fish is another essential for an athlete product!

We can`t say that some special sort of fish is the best for muscle growth – salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel, salmon, herring, catfish – all of them are a great source of amino acids and Omega-3 that play a crucial role in strengthening muscles, and protection of joints. Stockfish can also be very useful – but only if it was jerked correctly.

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When you exercise, your body tries to compensate protein consumption and starts to actively break it up in the body – taking it from everywhere, even from the muscles. And until you fulfill it – consider that you actively “eat yourself”. Omega-3 acid contained in fish slows this process until the necessary protein will not get into the body with food.

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No reasonable athlete will ignore the need to consume legumes!

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Soya beans is one of the few vegetable sources from which you can receive complete protein. Soya also contains other important vitamins and minerals that make this food one of the most important.

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Lentil is second to soybean and hemp for protein content (26%). It has plenty of iron and zinc that play an important role in diet.


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Dairy foods

Dairy foods are also essential in diet in case you decided to lose weight, or to gain weight, or to strengthen the muscular system while having strength training.

Low-fat cottage cheese is an excellent source of protein! Fat and protein content in 100 grams: fat-0.1 -2 gr., protein-16-18 gr.

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Yogurt and kefir are superior sources of vitamin D and calcium, which improves bone structure and helps build muscle mass. In addition, lactic acid bacteria stimulate digestive system, which should be ok, otherwise your body will not be able to take up increased doses of protein.

If your body consumes milk well and you like milk – than enjoy it! Moreover, whole milk (3,5% fat) reduces muscle aches.



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Adding eggs to your diet, you can significantly increase muscle mass. No matter whether you consume raw or cooked eggs, they are very useful for gaining muscle mass. Eggs contain about 6 grams of high quality protein. This amount is so high that they are considered to be a standard when assessing protein content in other products.

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Eggs are a rich source of proteins, which your body needs daily. In addition, eggs contain vitamins A, D and E that are necessary for healthy muscles, and you can eat eggs at any time of the day.


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Also, a huge help to build muscles are other natural foodstuff that contain protein.


Maca powder

Lately, more and more people, who are involved in power sports, are becoming fans of different variations of Maca powder – a magic plant that has aphrodisiac properties, strengthens immune system, reduces chronic fatigue and fills you with energy.

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Maca 3



Having a knowledge of which foods are best for sportsmen, you will quickly achieve your goals in a gym!

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