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Best Tips To Pick Up A Perfect Baby Name

Sweetie, cutie, honey – all of that sounds pretty nice. But the time will come when you have to change calling your child a real name. So here we’ve got inspiration, tips, and trends that will guide you to the best possible choice.

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Put last names first

Avoid the names that rhyme with your surname. You don’t want your child to be teased for being called a Harry Barry. Look for a first name that flows with your surname, rather than jars with it.

AkhBkQv48WgMake sure also your baby’s initials don’t spell out an unfortunate word to prevent your little one to be bullied by his/her classmates.

Consider all possible nicknames and shortened versions

s7M8n1Q1WDsPeople, especially kids, can be cruel when it comes to nicknames, so try to anticipate any potentially embarrassing ones. Think also about the shortened versions of your child’s name. Do you like how it sounds? Or you can’t stand it? Choose the one that will satisfy you in all of its shapes.

Advise with your spouse

Both of you should be satisfied with the name you are to choose. There are some names that remind us of the dark sides of our childhood or bring up some unpleasant memories and associations. You don’t want your child to serve as a reminder of those bad times, on the contrary, pick up the name that will improve your mood every time you pronounce it.


Imagine your child an adult

ABZOS4Oru4gIf you are close to be done with choosing a name, imagine your child a grown up. Doesn’t the name you’ve chosen sound too childish and won’t it have any impacts on your child’s future career and relationships with a future employer and colleagues? Sure, you want only the brightest future for your kid. And his/her name is going to play a big role in it.

Search the meaning

Every name carries a meaning and so has power to influence your offspring’s character. Whether you want your child to be a forceful conqueror or a tender protector it’s up to you to decide. Search on the Internet, think, and consider what kind of personality you want your kid to become.


Make up a new one

Many parents tend to give their children top-famous names. Others look for some really exotic ones. If you don’t want to call out your child’s name at the school gates and get at least 5 of children turning round, you better to choose a less popular name. Or if you don’t want your child to be over asked about the roots and the meaning of their name, you could try to mix two more or less popular names together.


Sure, there are a couple of names you like and have difficulties which one to pick up. Mixing them together could give you a nice sounding and will free you from necessity to make choices.

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Girls’ names:

Aisha – means Life

Aliyah  – means Immigrant to a new home

Beyonce – means One who is beyond others

Davina –means Beloved or Cherished

Diamond – means Bridge protector

Kayla – means Pure

Lakeisha – means Joyful

Serena –means Calm, Tranquil, Serene

Tamara – means Palm tree

Zakiyyah – means Sharp, Intellectual, Pure, Pious

Boys’ names:

Alonzo –meaning is Eager for war

Chikae – means God’s power

Darius –meaning is Pharaoh

Deion –means God

Demond – means Of man

Elon –means Oak, Strong

Lamar – meaning is Of the sea

Malik – means Master

Taye – means One who has been seen

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