Evolution In Your Hand: Samsung Galaxy S6

AnTuTu experts claim that new Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the most popular smartphones in 2015 comparing to other Android-smartphones. By the way, its forerunner Galaxy S5, is 25% behind. On the third place is Sony Xperia Z3, and then comes another Samsung device – Galaxy S4!


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Short review

AnTuTu questioned a huge number of Samsung Galaxy S6 happy owners, and the results of this survey show that the flagship is a real breakthrough. Its design and materials distinguish it from its forerunners – it is the representative of a completely different class. In addition, Samsung Galaxy S6 acquired numerous important functions (especially – Samsung Pay).

The users have already appreciated the option of fast charging, and the long-lasting battery of device.

Those who love to take pictures on their phone are also satisfied: new Galaxy S6 can easily replace compact digital cameras!

Samsung Galaxy S6 has all chances to become a new leading image smartphone at the world market!


Good news about prices on Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung forecasts for the second quarter of the year 2015 had not materialized: according to the versions of Bloomberg and Reuters, a bad start off flagship sales reduced the expected profit from 3.8 million $ to 2.4. And despite the fact that the earnings of the company are still 3% higher than last year, Samsung are going to take a number of preventive measures concerning the Galaxy S6, one of which will be reducing its price. These measures aimed to overtake the main rival – Apple. However, the S6 will be even more affordable!


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The stake is made on design and direct competition with iPhone.


The phone turned out to be compact for such diagonal screen size – 143.4×70.5×6.8 mm, its weight is 138 grams. Device conveniently lies in hand, and doesn`t slip.


Thinking of the most crazy concept solutions on the Internet in an effort to predict the appearance of the smartphone, the Galaxy S6 design turned out to be simultaneously unique and restrained. Metal and glass in design make it an attractive image phone.


The front and rear parts of the Galaxy S6 covered with Gorilla Glass 4 that makes it excellently protected from scratches. Each color due to the glass looks like metallic and beautifully plays at the sun.

Gorilla 1

Gorilla 2

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge VS iPhone 6 Drop Test

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge VS iPhone 6 Drop Test!

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Drop Test VS iPhone 6 Drop Test. Just How Durable Is The New S6 Compared To iPhone 6? Bonus Car Carnage Included.

Its partner, Galaxy S6 Edge looks even more stylish! Two bent verges of a screen give the phone a futuristic design. It weighs 132 grams – that is 6 grams less than the usual S6.

Both smartphones are made in 5 colours:

  • white pearl;
  • black sapphire;
  • gold platinum
  • green emerald;
  • blue topaz.


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As expected, the new Samsung flagship has a forceful “stuffing”.

Chipset Exynos 7420 belongs to the latest generation. Technically, this is 8-core solution, 4 cores are Cortex-A53, another 4 are Cortex A9. Graphics core is Mali T-760, but its updated version of the one in Note 4 (higher frequency, etc.). It is also the fastest processor by now. This fact and its memory makes this device very fast.

Device has 3 GB RAM (LDPPR4), which has a maximum carrying capacity for today (3.2 GB/s (64 bit)). Built-in memory may differ – 32, 64 and 128 GB. Memory type is UFS 2.0, which also provides a maximum read and write speed, it is almost SSD array. It allows to process data more than 10 times faster and consumes 50% less energy. Memory subsystem performance is so high that no device by now have comparable characteristics.

The AnTuTu specialists published a list of smartphones tested in this standard in the first quarter of this year. This list also contained the results of testing. Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge running on 64-bit eight-core processor Exynos 7420 took first places.



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Samsung Galaxy is an owner of 5.1-inch screen, SuperAMOLED, 577 ppi, 2560h1440 points, with automatic brightness control. This is one of the best screens from Samsung.



Here everyone will choose his option, but the main thing is that, according to professionals who have tested screens in various devices, AMOLED-matrices in previous models have already accurate colors transfer and good “behavior” at the sun. In this phone the screen quality is even better and brightness is superb (all is excellently readable at the sun).



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The main camera of Samsung Galaxy S6 has an extension of 16 mp: this is slightly less than fans of the brand would wanted to have, but the most important thing is that the quality of the photos is great! In addition, the camera is equipped with a high-aperture optics and image stabilization. The quality of images made on this camera is much higher than the quality of the photos made on Galaxy Note 3.



The frontal camera is 5 mp. It wonderfully copes with selfie pictures and video calls. Good intensity allows you to take high quality shots even in low-light conditions.



High power of smartphone allows it to cope with additional tasks: recording quality 4K-video and HD video on both cameras at the same time.




?????? 2

?????? 1



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Lollipop 3

The new model is running on Android 5.0 Lollipop with updated TouchWiz interface. The interface became even more minimalistic, but at the same time more comfortable and functional. According to the developers, it will use the resources much more rationally, that`s why phone performance will not deteriorate even after a long use. Galaxy S6 Edge has special capabilities that allow you to take advantage of two additional screens.

Lollipop 1

Lollipop 2

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The smartphone also has updated version of Samsung interface, which includes a new player. It retains the functionality of previous versions, including the equalizer settings and Adapt Sound technology, but has a simple and intuitive interface. The sound of smartphone is great, and although the volume level in the Galaxy S6 is good enough, it would be nice to have some volume “in stock”.


The external speaker of the smartphone is very loud, it is enough not only for a sound of a call, but also for a music.


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Fingerprint scanner has already been in previous model. Dactyloscopic scanner in Samsung smartphones first appeared last year when the flagship Galaxy S5 was released. Then the company used a sensor that has scanned fingerprint when running over with your finger. It was not always easy to do, that`s why in Galaxy S6 fingerprint scanner is activated by touch. Now it works almost perfectly.

Pulse sensor 1

Pulse sensor 2


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Wireless charging

One of the advantages of this model is fast charging – Samsung Adaptive and Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0. It is also worth noting that the Galaxy S6 got a battery volume of 2550 mAh (S6 Edge has 2600). But thanks to good software optimization, you will be able to use the phone even longer than the previous models. The smartphone charges 10 minutes from 10% charge to 25%, allowing it to work another 4 hours.

samsung galaxy S6 wireless charge

Wireless charging in the Galaxy S6 supports two popular standards – WPC 1.1 and PMA 1.0, which simplifies the choice of charging surfaces.


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Samsung Pay

Samsung is very serious in his intentions to compete with Apple in the sphere of using phones for payments in shops. Galaxy S6 combines NFC and MST technologies that will allow paying by phone at any store that accepts standard plastic cards. All you need to do is to bring the phone to the terminal and confirm the purchase by putting your finger on a fingerprint scanner!

Samsung Pay

Samsung Galaxy S6 Video-review

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review!

Review of Samsung’s 2015 flagship: Galaxy S6! Samsung Galaxy S6: http://amzn.to/1OEvbaI Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: http://amzn.to/1Fd0sAO Video Gear I use: http://amzn.com/lm/R3B571T7PT4PWM?tag=m0494a-20 Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://facebook.com/MarquesBrownlee http://facebook.com/MKBHD http://instagram.com/MKBHD

Samsung Galaxy S6 is not only amazingly beautiful, but also a very productive and functional device. Moreover, there is nothing superfluous – only useful options.


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