How To Earn Extra Money On Fiverr?

There are many online services that offer easy earning on the Internet. Most of them require significant investment, some of them are doubtful, and some of them are simple bamboozle. But there are some that offer really good jobs with minimal investment – or even without it!


If you are looking for a job or for a part-time job, Fiverr is a great option for you!


Freelancers, who have already achieved some success on Fiverr, agreed to share with us some nuances of work on this service. Maybe the next person who will share his success is you?!



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What is Fiverr? is 64-th most popular resource in the United States and 131-st in the world (according to



The basic idea of service is offering gigs for $ 5. Anything can be a “gig”, from simple logo design to making video “I will put my sister`s leggings on and dance like Michael Jackson for your favorite track”. Eventually, after you raise your account, your service can significantly jump in price.





Every gig has:

  • headline;
  • description;
  • execution time;
  • rating;
  • seller`s rating;
  • tags;
  • feedbacks.

You can add video as an additional tool to increase sales.

You can create 20 gigs in one account. The more services you offer – the more are your chances to earn. If you want more than 20 gigs – just create a new account. When you sell 1 gig ($5), you get $ 4 .





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How much can you earn on Fiverr?

For a successful start you need only minimal investment (you can easily start even without it), and basic knowledge of English.

Exactly how much can you earn on Fiverr? Let’s look at a concrete example – although this is not a limit.


This freelancer daily earns more than hundred dollars by providing simple services of building backlinks to client sites. Pro does it in a few minutes in semi-automatic mode using special software.

You can see on the picture that now the seller has 10890 clients. For a couple of years he has earned about 45000$ only on this service. And he offers also additional services – and all this is earned right at your computer!


pic 1b

FIVERR-EARNINGS-440 Fiverr-Earnings


And there are hundreds of thousands of such performers on service. And all of them started from the same point!


How To Actually Make Money On Fiverr


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How to earn on Fiverr?

Service for $ 5 is just a drag, the cost of basic services. The main earnings on service are expected from up-sells – selling additional services that are much more expensive – from 10 to $ 100!

Also you will probably ask: what services can I provide if I can`t do anything?!

Even if so, you can always learn something. Even one demanded skill with the right approach will bring you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month. Most of services can be performed by using off the shelf tools – software for processing images, preparing presentations, creating videos, etc. And these services are very popular and are in demand.

Here is one of many examples.


Freelancer offers services in creation logos. See how many clients he has.

“I don’t think that I`m doing something earth-shattering – almost everyone can make such logos using special programs or resources. It takes me from 10 to 20 minutes to create one logo of medium difficulty.”

Adisa, Lagos


“I started with selling my own manuals of how to use software in the form of short E-books. And almost immediately many of them were sold even better than on Amazon!

For example, simple manuals like “I will send You My Workout Plan for $ 5” or “I will teach you a card trick for $ 5” I simply found on third-party resources and just gave clients a link to them – and they were satisfied. If the orders are stable, you easily make about $ 1,000 a month. This was one of my most successful teaching jobs

Mitchell, LA

Purchase this image at

“After registration I decided to try short 5-minute videos with Web sites audits. That was something I already could do. Everything is simple: a person sends me a link to his website, and I give him video tips on how to improve it-design, content, usability, etc.

 It took me about 25 minutes to make such video, plus a couple of minutes to download and send. When there appeared more customers, I started to earn 500-600 $ a month, that was a good adding to my main work (as a waiter). And that was just the beginning of the experiment!”

Piere, Marseille 


How would you like such offers:

“I’ll do amazing thicks on my motorcycle for 5$”,

“I’ll write anything you want on my boobs for 5$” OR

“I’ll give you rare tips on how to sell your house for 5$”?










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What is the best way to earn on Fiverr

If you want your earnings on Fiverr were your main earnings, you should earn on certain services, namely:

  • SEO services;
  • Services to get social media followers, likes, views on Youtube;
  • Graphic design (logos, business cards);
  • Video reviews on the Internet services.

Take a look at that:


Within a year this gig received over 8000 positive reviews. And that`s only from those clients, who have left their feedback. And 8000 orders is more than $ 3000 per month!


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Advice for achieving success on Fiverr

The most important thing in any business is to stand out from a crowd. Taking into account Fiverr`s great popularity and crazy traffic, it is not easy – but possible.

Rating and reviews

The easiest way to raise your rating is to get many reviews. But it is hard to do from scratch: you are “nobody” on service, and even if you have really great offer- you can wait for an order very long.

Way out ? 1: Help yourself.

Register another account and buy your offer yourself. Then leave positive feedback. Believe us, it’s worth doing – is a huge “leap forward” out of mass of “faceless” accounts. And most importantly – “Not Rated” will turn into “Rated 100%”.

Way out ? 2: Find helpers.

Find people on Fiverr to arrange a mutually beneficial purchase of offers and reviews exchange. If a person is not on Fiverr, he can buy your offer on terms of PayPal moneyback. We give 100% it will “repay” and you will get yours.


Unique offer for wide audience

Fiverr allows you to track the range of offers from different visitors. This way you can define for yourself current trends. And then narrow the list taking into account your own abilities and capabilities.

Offer something that people don’t expect to get for $ 5

This is a great life hack for those who are new on Fiverr. This way you can quickly raise your rating, and get acquainted with the process of work on service.

Assess offers conversion

The service makes it possible to assess the conversion of your gigs for the last month – and to know what percentage of customers took advantage of your offers among all those who looked it through.


Catchy title

Here the general rules of marketing are applied: instead “I will send 13 how to make money ebooks for 5$”, write “I will send 13 AMAZING How to Make Money Ebooks for $5”.

Oh, and Cap First Letters of All Words!

Take a look: would you be more interested with this:





Time of execution of the work

The rule is: the sooner – the better. Such offers are marked with “Express” and are placed in a separate category of “Express Gigs”.


Videos for offers

Service “loves” videos! Try to make at least 30-second video for each offer. Offers with the icon “Has Video” are placed much higher on the list, which allows you to stand out.

Always try to have all 20 offers presented

Don’t lose your potential income. If you have no ideas for unique offers – offer valuable information!


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Advantages of Fiverr

  • Freelancer doesn`t look for clients. Clients find him themselves;
  • There are hundreds of times more clients than freelancers – so competition is not so observable;
  • Here you can get useful contacts with major entrepreneurs and investors for your startups;
  • Fiverr is a global service;
  • Fiverr is a great place to test ideas, products and services – and you don`t lose anything during this test;
  • The ability to quickly assess customers` interest and get a feedback;
  • The possibility of outsourcing in the near future;
  • A small participation fee, ridiculously small price per service;
  • Easy payment procedure – all you have to do is press “Order now” button, enter your login and password to PayPal, and make a transaction in your PayPal account.


As you can see: if you think over a right strategy of earning money on Fiverr, you can easily come to outsourcing, leave your dull and unpromising job and start working on yourself – with pleasure and good earnings!

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