Skin Bleaching Without Health Hazard

According to the World Health Organisation report, 77% of Nigerian women bleach their skin.

There are different points of view why they are doing this. For someone it is a way to show a status – it rises from British Period, when white skin have only slaver and masters, so it become a symbol of riches. Lighter skin was prerogative of people, who doesn’t work right in the sun.

Another reason – fashion. Hollywood, Bollywood, Nigerian celebrities often bleach their skin.

Also there is cohort of girls and women who need skin bleaching because of dermatological drawbacks – dark marks and discolorations.

There are a lot of ways to bleach skin.
Some of them are quite extremal – like glutathione injections. The most common – different bleaching cream, scrabs and masks.

But be careful – many of them contain harmful ingredients!

So, if you realy decide to lighten your skin, follow several advises from

1. Look into a refrigerator. There are a lot natural products that contain a lot of organic acids. Oranges, Lemons – all citrus fruits. If you have no alergy – apply their juice like tonic – it also make your skin more healthy. Use home made scrabs based on ground coffee, masks from kefir and yogurt – they contain lactic acid and gently bleach your skin.

2. If you not satisfied of the results, try some whitenning systems. If you buy only one night cream from cosmetic line, where manufacturer propose day cream and mask – effect will be minimal.

How to choose effective brend?
Look on the ingredients.

Glutathione. Our organism produce glutation in liver. It is powerful antioxidant. It’s mechanism of action is in inactivation of tyrozin kinase- ferment, responsible for melanin production.

Kojic acid – a substance used in professional whitening agents. Not toxic, but for sensitive people may become an allergen.

Ascorbic acid is very similar to kojic, there is only one caveat – it can cause skin irritation.

Other fruit acidsAHA, tataric (grape, vine), malic (apple), citric (lemon, pineapple), acetic (vine) – also are used for peeling. If you see them in ingredients this cosmetic is not harmful to your skin.

Try to avoid next substances

Hydroquinone. This substance has very strong effect, but is very toxic. It inhibits melanin production. Try to avoid creams with hydroquinone on first positions.
Mercury. Is very powerful whitening preparation. And very toxic. If you will apply such cream too often, it can cause intoxication and cancer.
Hydroperite. In contrast to glutation has oxydizinfg effect. Hydroperite oxidyzes pigment, but also can cause skin aging.

The perfect choose for forced bleaching at home – exfoliating scrubs based on fruit acids.

You can find a lot of propositions on!
Saloon skin whitening:
1. Ultrasonic waves in combination with certain professional cosmetics.
Ultrasound helps serum or cream rercolate deeper into skin, thus enhansing bleaching effect. Also ultrasonic waves stimulate skin renewal.

2. Peeling and microdermabrasion.
There are different types of peeling, depend on depth influence on skin. The most strong peeling destroy all epidermis layers. But it hurts!

Microdermabrasion and laser resurfacing are grinding methods
– exept whitening, they remove all postakne and scars.

Note! Before all procedures consult with dermatologist! If you choose wrong bleaching method, it can harm you health and beauty!

On you can find a perfect products to bleach your skin! And our servises have many propositions to do it by professionals!