The Quickest Way To Find Job Using Facebook

Social networks emerged as a universal place for entertainment – at least that`s what it seems to ordinary users! But every new day of their development shows that social media is a multifaceted and effective tool for various purposes. Including, promoting your goods and services on the Internet, job search by applicants and search for candidates by HR managers.


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Social media – new horizons for “HR hounds”

Studies of American analytics show shocking results: more than 90% of American companies seek for professionals on social networks! In Europe these results are various for different companies: from 40 to 75%. HR managers themselves admit that, in most cases, when they seek for CVs of specialists, they focus on social media – and their search is often successful. There is even a special term – “Social Recruiting”.

There are many general rules how to achieve success on social media, and each one of them has its own little secrets – because each of them has its own specifics:

  • LinkedIn is positioned as a professional network, and therefore, there you can find information about education, professional interests, trainings and courses, work experience.
  • Facebook reflects view of the world – it allows to see how people react to events in the world, what thoughts they share with others, what aspects on feeds of other people they pay attention to.


For HR managers Facebook audience is one of the most interesting. They believe that it`s here they can find cool professionals with high level of education, huge work experience and diverse professional interests.



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Job search on Facebook

Every day job search using Facebook becomes more “point” media tool that brings great results. You just need to fill your page with information, sign into the groups and communities that are directly related to your profession, and Facebook search will bring interested employers to you!

Back in the year 2013 Facebook launched a new smart search “Graph Search”. This is not an Internet search – this is a service that helps receive answers to queries about people, photos, places and interests through indexing available by privacy settings content and visual filter system. Individualized requests of a service help, for example, to find “people who want to change their job”, “people working as programmers in London”, “people who live in New York and are crazy about Google”, and so on.

Graph 1

Graph 3

Grtaph 2

One thing is clear – your account should be as ready as possible to the moment when the employer will find it – and it should impress!

Just to prove you the opposite, a couple of real examples:

“The Virgin airlines, a part of the eponymous business empire of Richard Branson, fired one of its employees for unpleasant sayings about passengers on his page”

 “In another company a mistake in English-language message on social networks page has led to failure in the interview for the job seeker, who was supposed to speak foreign language perfectly”

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Prepare your FB account


Suitable content

If you have a page and you aim to turn it into a business card for employers – “filter” your content. It is unlikely that accountant will post photos of cute cats on his page or show his passionate interest in beauty salon services or make-up trainings.




We always try to add a good photo to our CV, the same thing is with social networks. No one says that in album with your travel photos you can`t place crazy photos with a bottle of Tequila in Mexico or stupid photo with friends in your new Ralph Lauren top – but they should be in the right place.



For main photo on your page choose a serious one – and you will get a relevant attitude.

Use keywords

Most social networks have a search, and entrepreneurs who, for example, are looking for provider, use it. To increase the chances to receive a letter or a call from HR, you should clearly formulate in your profile the sphere of business and what you’re exactly doing.

Use recommendations

Recommendations for the networks can be written even by your former co-workers – that`s what is social networks big plus. “People believe even those recommendations that are signed by names they have never heard of” – psychologists say.


A list of contacts

The rule # 1: the more people you know, the more likely you are to find the right person. Your contact list shows who is in your social circle. FB world is small, as we all know! Feel free to add new friends to this list, especially after visiting business events – this way HR can meet a person he knows in your circle. Plus is that you can ask your friends to leave a positive professional comment about you, or to assess your knowledge and skills!




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Try to avoid grammar mistakes, be moderate, avoid offensive words about somebody – there is no doubt it can ruin your career perspective?he same thing is with critics, political or social views;




Look through the list of groups, which you get the news from. Put yourself in a place of the employer. Let the subject of these groups will be fully in line with your professional interests. And, by the way: read your feeds, since there you can find great proposals or a partner for joint project.

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If you have some publications that may be interesting to professionals, feel free to post links to them and share with friends.

Reposts and your own news

Make links to interesting articles, share useful professional insights, discuss professional topics, and HR managers and other helpful people will be attracted to you.


Remember: your goal is not to become an ideal candidate, but to form opinion about yourself as of a specialist, but be sure to post only truthful information, otherwise you can earn a bad reputation and get into HR`s black list.


But even faster than HR hounds will find you on Facebook – you will find a promising job on JiJi among hundreds of ads from employers!

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