Make food for two kids, take the elder to kindergarten, pick up stuff from dry cleaners, run to the grocery shop, pick up the elder from kindergarten, make food for everyone. Have I forgotten something?

In this post we have collected true stories of single moms about how they manage to do so many things that it seems to be physically impossible.


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Problem of time-management for single mom is one of the most vital – and it has always been so! How to find time to do everything, to take care about yourself, to be in time at work, and to have time to bring up children?

One of those women, whom we asked this philosophical question:

– “What’s your secret, how do you find time for everything?”

She answered without thinking twice:

– «How do I find time for everything? I don`t!».

August 1973, Ibadan, Nigeria --- Baby Wrapped on Mother's Back --- Image by © Owen Franken/Corbis


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Even if you are used to work 24 hours a day 7 days a week – until you have a baby on your hands – you can forget about the work! You can never leave your kid on his own, while he’s still a baby. All the more, mother feels her baby better than any nanny – that is why it is better to be near him.

Ask your close friend to help you – it is unlikely that you will cope with everything on your own; your friend can help you to buy food, take clothes to dry-cleaners and pick them up, to look after your elder child.


Planning your time

Analyze all your responsibilities related to taking care for a baby: for the most part, these are the same chores that you do every day! Precise planning of your tasks will allow you not only to get more done, but also to avoid a stress.

Mother kissing and hugging baby

Divide all your responsibilities for main and secondary. While the child is small – priorities will be feeding, walking, baby`s sleep, changing diapers, making laundry. When the baby is asleep, you have a free minute to read a book, to rest, to cook, to clean, to take care of yourself (a mom with a baby should also be attractive!).

There are some tasks that are very time-consuming, and you don`t have that time. Such tasks should be divided into smaller parts in the same way as the manager divides the big project that has to be finished within a certain period of time! Such task, for example, is a thorough cleaning.



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Little tricks

Little kids feel when parents don`t have time – in fact, they entirely depend on their parents!

Little, but quite obvious tricks can help here. If you want to do some chore, but your baby is not sleeping – don’t try to “get rid” of him or to ignore him, no matter how tired you are!


While your iron warms up – hold your baby and talk to him for 10-15 minutes. Want to cook something – while the water heats up, captivate him with something, perhaps, he will fall asleep within these 30 minutes.

If you are busy with household chores and a baby would be insecure on hands, put him near yourself and hold his interest with toys – this way he will remain under control, will be busy with something, and will not feel the lack of attention. By the way, the kid should be taught to keep himself busy as soon as possible – this way he will develop faster and faster become independent.08440187add12414e699c9aeda8fa3ed

If you have to go outside – for example, to go grocery shopping, or to pay some bills – take your baby with you in a comfortable pram. Such walks have very good influence on child`s development, as well as on his entertainment, and on psychological contact between the kid and his mother.



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Finding part-time job

And you can do everything you can to find a part-time job or you can work at home – there are many vacancies for moms today.

When I was a student I worked as an editor in the publishing house on a remote basis. On the fourth year, when my baby was born, these skills came out to be very useful – as well as connects from my previous works. As a result I’ve got an extra income, so I hired housekeeper to spend more time with my baby”.


“When my baby became a little older, I returned to my professional activity (interpreter) – but part-time and on a remote basis. I found this job when my daughter was six months. I could not just sit and do nothing – such is my nature. However, when I started working, I had to hire a nanny on a part-time job. Her help was especially in need when I had plenty of work”.


Putting Children Perspective When Buying a Home_4233_news

“I dreamed about the family, but I would have gone nuts without a job. This is a window into another world, the opportunity to escape from the house, find out what movies and news my husband and I had missed (such details often come out in a correspondence). In the end, you meet people every day and they can give you a valuable advice”.


11 Oct 2005, Abuja, Nigeria --- Kabiti Ishaiya looks outside from her beauty salon in Abuja, Nigeria on Oct. 11, 2005. Kabiti owns a very humble beauty salon called Kabat's Hairdressing Salon. Ishaiya is a 24 year old, HIV positive, AIDS activist in Nigeria. After going public with her diagnosis, her village shunned her. At the age of 18, Ishaiya became a volunteer for an HIV/AIDS group in order to help others. One year later, Ishaiya formed her own organization called Hope for Living. --- Image by © Ed Kashi/VII/Corbis

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