Top 5 Most Popular Oriflame Products

Swedish companies are known for superior quality of products they issue, in any sphere.

More than 50 years Oriflame takes care of a perfect look of women all over the world. Firstly, the accent in development of innovational products is made on natural ingredients. Today products of the company can be found in 60 countries. An assortment of cosmetic products by Oriflame is really impressive!


On JiJi you will find the widest range of cosmetic products by Oriflame!


For you specially we have chosen 5 most popular beauty products by Oriflame.

Our winners are: lipstick, shampoo, body cream, facial mask and mascara.


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Lipstick by Oriflame – “Giordani Gold – Gold temptation”

Giordani 1

This lipstick is an excellent choice for delicate care and moisturizing. One move – and your lips get a perfect shape, and fill with deep and intense color. You will love anything about it – from soft creamy texture to amazing design developed by designer Elaine Kurten Delaland. Each time you take this work of art from your brand new purse, you will show people how serious you are about your beauty!

Giordani Gold lipstick gives thick coverage, combines classical tints and intense colors, and deep moisturizing components take care for your lips.

Active ingredients:

  • Rosa Canina Fruit Oil: contains high level of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin C, moisturizes and protects lips;
  • Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride: taken from coconut oil, non-comedogenic, quickly absorbs and helps reduce lips dryness.

Giordani 2


How to use:

  • Make contour using lip liner;
  • Apply your lipstick in the centre, than blend it to the corners;
  • For more intense color and shine apply lip gloss on top of your favorite lipstick.

Today you can find a wide range of lipsticks by famous brands on JiJi – keep experimenting!



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Strengthening shampoo “Hair X Expert – beauty and strength”

Hair X 2

One of the best and popular in its series, “Expert – beauty and power” purifies the scalp and strengthens your hair.

Thanks to the yeast protein that increases the natural production of keratin, this bestseller effectively improves the condition of the hair, restores its vitality and natural glow.

2 1 2 2

Shampoo also contains a formula with an extract of plant stem cells, antioxidant 6-Gingerol and regenerating ingredients. Quickly and noticeably increases the elasticity of the hair.

On JiJi you will surely find the best shampoo for your hair type.

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Perfumed body cream “Divine”

Divine 1

The cream has a sensual, fascinating fragrance of a real woman, who is born to conquer and drive mad.

3 2

Body cream Divine:

  • nourishes and intensively moisturizes skin, leaving a fresh and enticing fragrance of famous Eau de toilette Divine (with fruit wood notes);
  • has a light, non-greasy texture.

Divine 3

You can use this cream for cleavage, neck, and other parts of the body. It is easily applied, easily absorbed, non-greasy and non-sticky, with a light texture. After applying the cream, the skin becomes soft and irresistible.

3 1

On JiJi you can find a variety of creams for different needs – creams with tanning effect, whitening creams, moisturizing, nourishing, etc.

Divine 2


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Scrub and facial skin purifying mask Pure Skin

Pure skin 1

Pure Skin is a powerful, two-step system of skin care that will make your skin pure, matte, smooth and healthy in just a few minutes:

  • scrub deeply cleans the pores and prepares the skin for applying mask, reduces the number of black spots;
  • mask eliminates inflammation and excessive shine on skin, making it matte.

Pure skin 2

4 1

Active ingredients:

  • Detect Technology™ (Undecylenoyl Glycine) — cleansing component with sebocontrol and antibacterial properties. Helps regulate skin ecosystem making it pure;
  • Salicylic acid has anti-microbial properties. Cleanses skin, exfoliates dead skin cells.
  • Scrub: removes dead skin cells to prevent inflammations;
  • Blue clay mask eliminates unwanted shine. The result is a matte, porcelain skin!

4 2

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Multi-functional waterproof mascara “5-in-1 The ONE Wonderlash”

5 in 1 1

Good mascara is a kind of a find for a woman who is used to conquer men with one sight:

  • patented 3D-brush gives an unprecedented height and volume to lushes, making them unbelievable expressive;
  • formula with natural ingredients gives natural elasticity to lushes, nourishes them, increases their length;
  • mascara has a great smooth texture.

5 in 1 2

5 in 1 5

5 1
5 2

Are you irresistible?

Make accents on your beauty using modern beauty products that you can find on JiJi!








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