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Top Travel Budget Tips

Adventure is champagne of life. How do you think – how much of adventure will you get if you stay under lock and key? None. So get out of your apartment and don’t forget these best budget travel tips to take with you.

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Become a local tourist

JZhLPFUXcf4Begin your journey full of new experiences from exploring your own backyard and move on to the nearest neighborhoods, cities and regions. Sure, there are a lot of interesting things to get in touch with in your local community. Make sure you know your origin and the history of places you walk every day through. Only after that you may move on to explore other countries and cultures.

Consider taking a bike

Despite fuel costs, a lot of travelers will still take road trips this year and may consider a rental in lieu of racking up the mileage on their own leased vehicles. However, is it worth it? You may be surprised but taking a bike instead will save you much money on fuel and will definitely improve your physical condition. Kill two birds in one stone.



If you are going thousands of kilometers away from home, a bike is not a really good idea. But to save on airfare costs you could consider traveling by train or by bus. If you’re traveling by train, take the night train. It will save on accommodation and once you’re used to it, sleeping won’t be a problem on them. Buses are the best method of transportation if you’re just trying to get around a city. They are your cheapest option outside of walking.


If you are traveling to Europe, research on multi-trip discounts. Many metros and rails have passes such as a 3-day unlimited travel passes which might be worth the cost. Avoid taking taxis. Of course it’s the most comfortable and the most laziest way out. But still it will take a lot of extra expenses.

Choosing place of accommodation

nukNeA38jSoWhen looking for a place to stay you can consider two possible options – a hotel or renting a house. If you pitch upon the hotel, you better choose the ones that are less crowded and thus have an incentive to discount their rooms. Go after business hotels for weekend stays, and go after leisure hotels for weekdays. Business hotels are packed Sunday through Thursday, and then they’re pretty much empty on the weekends. They’re always looking for folks so they’ll offer really good deals.

qAlg4LtQXGgIf you travel with family and friends, it is better to rent a house and split expenses among all. Not only will this help you cut down on the lodging costs, but it also gives you another way to save money – by cooking meals yourself at your rental. If that’s not enough, you will also get common areas, like a living room, for fun family activities.

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What about food?

epj5xz6Kx3UTake advantage of complimentary breakfasts to get as much food as possible and save some for snacks later.

r4gn1ZCaYuQStay far away from touristy restaurants and instead go down a few blocks and eat where the locals do. Or you can enjoy a nice picnic instead of eating out. You can experience the local culture’s day-to-day activities, as well, by shopping in their grocery stores.

Eat more at lunch than dinners – fancy lunches are often much less expensive than dinners. If you eat a big breakfast, lunch and a light dinner, it’s also healthier.

6YAQp9x31koBakeries generally offer half-priced goods at the end of the day to keep things fresh. It’s a great way to get some good food for little outlay.

Other valuable advices are

  • Don’t go overboard on souvenirs and instead buy something like a postcard or just take your own photos.


  • Consider going on go off season. It is cheaper and less crowded.
  • Online sites sometimes have rates based on the time and day of the week you book. Try different combinations and see if you can get a better deal.
  • Consider going to the places that are not number one places for tourist attraction. They may offer you a good local beer, wine or coffee. And you might save on souvenirs as they tend to cost less in such places.


  • There are many package deals that will save you money if you book hotels and flights together. Basically, the more business you can give them, the better discount they can give you.

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