Yes, Football Can Be THAT Expensive!

It is foolish to argue with the fact that most of the sports are not only struggle for result, but also a business and a luxurious life. You do not have enough fingers of hands and feet to calculate the number of famous brands related to the world of sport!

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Dozens of world famous brands have their place in the world of sport: these are the companies that make clothing, accessories, modern elite cars, cool watches, and even factories that produce premium models of yachts and airplanes!

What sports are the most expensive and elite? These are golf, cricket, polo, equestrian sport, sailing regatta, aerobatic flying and, of course, professional football.

Let us analyze how much the most expensive ball, boots, uniform cost, and what is the price of the most expensive Football Club!


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«Magic ball»: the most expensive ball

What company created the most expensive ball in the world? Of course, it is Adidas. It is a miracle made of super quality calf leather with ultra-strong stitching, it is called JO’BULANI and is valued at $ 78 808!

No, there is no gilding on it, and there are no diamonds inside. But what makes it so expensive?

Firstly, the fact that it is developed by Adidas. But this is nothing compared to the detail that this is a ball of Spain and the Netherlands teams in the final of FIFA World Cup in 2010. After winning the Cup, the Spaniards had put it up for auction, and the fans from 55 countries around the world began to “fight” for it! There were 133 bets – so the ball can boldly compete with the works of art. And, of course, it influenced its price.

All proceeds from sales went to Nelson Mandela charity fund, a fund that inspires people to create a better world.



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“Cinderella’s crystal slipper”: the most expensive football boots

Cinderella received help from her beloved godmother. In case of football heroes – top sports brands are those who come to help.

Football boots Umbro Speciali, previously belonged to famous John Terry. He signed them after defeating Belarus by a score of 3:0, and put them up for auction. Their price is $ 270, 000. 2374 precious jewels were used to decorate these boots, including 84 black diamonds on white gold around the crampons. In addition, there are 27 carats white diamonds and 11 carats sapphires.


But it is not just gold, jewels and John`s signature. Umbro Speciali is a British manufacturer and supplier of sportswear and equipment (Cheadle, Greater Manchester, England), earlier it was a major supplier of sportswear for the English Premier League, FA Cup and England national football team.



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 “Judged on first impressions”: the most expensive uniform

Anniversary uniform for England football team, dedicated to the 150 anniversary of the FA has become, apparently, the most expensive in the history of football. Nike paid around 1 billion dollars for it! (The costs related to buying and selling the oldest British brand Umbro).


New home and guest t-shirts have gold chevron with date – 1863-2013 (150 years).



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The most expensive football club

We are not against football and football players – but we can`t understand these prices and fee earnings! The month`s salary of healthcare professional is not even close to daily income of ordinary football player. Although you can easily live without football player, but not without an experienced nurse.

For the first time in 10 years, the top of hit parade took two clubs at once – “Real Madrid” ($ 675 million for 2012-2013 – a history record!) and “Barcelona”. “Real” was esteemed at $ 3.44 billion, “Barcelona” – at $ 3.2 billion.



The main income items of clubs are participating in the Champions League, promoting contracts and broadcast games of domestic championships.



Such are the rates related to sport. But, as we all know, money is nothing, sport is EVERYTHING!

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