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A great number of successful business projects have been implemented thanks to the ingenious ideas and studying the market for getting sure that it is relevant. Next, of course, ideas of projects should be published on the Kickstarter – a website that helps to get money for realization of creative, scientific and manufacturing projects on the base of crowd funding.

Then you, like an experienced fisherman, just sit and wait for a funding source of your future business.


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Game console for dogs, which entertains them when you are not at home

CleverPet 3

CleverPet is a gaming system for pets, which automatically award them with food for performing a variety of tasks.

CleverPet 1

CleverPet 8

CleverPet is a special Bowl with led buttons, located on the floor. There are three levels of games:

  • On the first level the system offers food for free;
  • On the second level your dog or puppy will have to press a button with its paw or nose;
  • The third level offers pressing the certain button, and more complicated tasks.

CleverPet 2

Console is able to carry out voice commands to teach dog new commands. Using CleverPet application, you can track the intensity of console usage.

CleverPet 5

CleverPet 4

The device is equipped by online game mode, in which dogs can compete with each other via CleverPet network and “write” their records on the leaderboard!

CleverPet 7

The console is now running a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter. Dog-breeders can get a device paying the company $ 199.

CleverPet 6

CleverPet Game Engages Your Pet When You’re Not Home

CleverPet Game Engages Your Pet When You’re Not Home

A Kickstarter campaign is underway to fund CleverPet, an interactive game console that gives your dog something to do when it’s home alone. Mara Montalbano (@maramontalbano) has the story. Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/buzz60 For more Animals: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7iJDREM7_ACDRN9k81EGoBuXnPYiD9oK Buzz60 is designed for the way we live now.

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Foodstagramming lighting in restaurants

Dinnercam 1

South African restaurant “El Burro” has acquired a unique device that allows guests to make professional pictures of their dishes for Instagram – sometimes even of better quality than on digital camera.

Dinnercam 2.

Dinnercam 3

Developed by the Wi-Fi service provider MWEB, a small portable illumination studio was placed in the restaurant as part of a campaign promoting a product #dinnercam.


The machine operates according to the following scheme: customers place food in it and choose different options of backlight by using the buttons on the front panel, then the order is shot on a smartphone and uploaded on Instagram. A person, who place the photos on the web with “dinnercam” hashtag, receives a free printout of the photo.

Dinnercam 6

Introducing the MWEB #dinnercam

Introducing the MWEB #dinnercam

The MWEB #dinnercam is a (tongue-in-cheek) project designed to start a debate about on how WiFi and the web are changing everyday life in public spaces. #dinnercam is the world’s first portable photo studio for restaurant meals.

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A system for teaching kids to walk

Upsee 1

Upsee is a system developed by British company “Firefly”, which allows adults use their legs as a support for children with disabilities and allow them to experience walking.

Upsee 6

The set consists of three elements:

  • hip belt, buttoned around the waist of an adult;
  • child support, bent to the above mentioned hip belt;
  • specially designed sandals for kids, which are connected to parents` sandals.

Upsee 3.

Upsee 4

The system allows the kid to stand up straight, look straight ahead and repeat foot movements of a parent while walking. Despite the fact, that Upsee system doesn`t give full independence to children with disorders, it gives them the opportunity to explore the world in a way previously unavailable to them due to disorders of the muscular system.

Upsee set costs £ 269.

Upsee 2

Upsee 7

Upsee by Firefly – Bethany’s Story

Bethany’s Upsee Story

The Upsee is an upright standing mobility product to help special needs children learn the motion of walking. Learn more about this fantastic product at www.fireflyfriends.com Check out our other promotional and animated videos at – www.youtube.com/firefly Get social with us – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Firefly/676330222392346 https://twitter.com/Fireflybyleckey http://www.pinterest.com/fireflybyleckey/

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Eggs vegetable surrogate

Hampton eggs 2

The idea of egg of vegetable origin (called Beyond Eggs) was born out of a desire of Josh Tetrick (Hampton Creek Foods) to bring the world more healthy and affordable food.

Hampton eggs 3

Hampton eggs 1

Today he presented the plant version of mayonnaise without eggs “Just Mayo” by famous company. And this is just one step on the way to the execution of his ambitious mission – to replace the traditional egg with his product.


Hampton Creek got more than 30 million dollars from several big-name investors such as Microsoft founder Bill Gates, creator of the Yahoo search engine Jerry Yang, the co-founder of PayPal Peter Thiel and the Hong Kong business tycoon Li Ka-Shin, who is considered the richest man in Asia.

Hampton Mayo 2

Hampton Mayo 4

The Director of Hampton Creek public relations service Morgan Oliveira claims that the ingredients for Beyond Eggs cost 48% cheaper than cages for laying hens.

Hampton Mayo 1

Hampton Mayo 5

Today, vegetable mayonnaise “Just Mayo” can be purchased only in “Whole Foods”. Soon the product will be presented in “Safeway” supermarkets.

Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo review


This video is unavailable.

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Vending machines for selling salads

Farmers 1

As you know, you can buy a chocolate, soda pop or chips in a vending machine. But how about the fresh salads?

Farmers 3.

Farmers 5

The idea to create a vending machine “Farmer’s Fridge” came to entrepreneur Luke Sonders, residing in Chicago, Illinois:

Luke Sonders: “We are preparing salads in Mason jar style. Our idea is to create an extended network to sell healthy foods to people who are constantly busy, but seek to eat rationally”.

In addition to innovative proposal, “Farmer`s Fridge” machines are absolutely not similar to those installed in the offices, all thanks to the original design — natural wood panels and trim in the form of field herbs.

Farmers 4

Farmers 6

The average cost of salad portion is less than $ 8. Every morning “Farmer`s Fridge” is filled with fresh party of salads, and after 6 pm the remaining salads are sold with a discount.

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The Farmer’s Fridge Experience: Beyond The Jar


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Got a cool idea for business? Let the whole world know about it – buy and sell goods and services on the largest web portal JiJi.ng!


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