5 Ways To Start Mini-Business Using Only Your Smartphone

There is no need to remind you that a modern smartphone is a wonderful invention! Using it you can master yoga practice, stay fit without a coach, find closest fuel station in an unknown town or find friends within a couple of hours.


In this post we will focus on another useful feature of a smartphone – namely: starting your own mini-business using only your smartphone!


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Car-hire service


To start a business you will need:

  • a car in a good condition;
  • a smartphone;
  • a certain category of a driving license.

Limousine_and_Car Hire Services - Chauffeur Driven_300x185

It is also advisable to have a simple website with the information about competitive advantages of your car-hire service (prices and discounts, service rate, additional services). In addition, it is preferable to live in the area where the infrastructure is underdeveloped – than you will have less competitors.


File illustration picture showing the logo of car-sharing service app Uber on a smartphone next to the picture of an official German taxi sign in Frankfurt, September 15, 2014. A Frankfurt court earlier this month instituted a temporary injunction against Uber from offering car-sharing services across Germany. San Francisco-based Uber, which allows users to summon taxi-like services on their smartphones, offers two main services, Uber, its classic low-cost, limousine pick-up service, and Uberpop, a newer ride-sharing service, which connects private drivers to passengers - an established practice in Germany that nonetheless operates in a legal grey area of rules governing commercial transportation. REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach/Files (GERMANY - Tags: BUSINESS EMPLOYMENT CRIME LAW TRANSPORT)

Your smartphone will serve you as an organizer, an address book and a GPS-navigator.


All you need is to register on UberCab, so that your passengers could order your service using their smartphones.


To order a car they just have to download the Uber app.

Uber 2

Uber 3


Uber 4

[appbox appstore 368677368 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.ubercab&hl simple]
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Journalist, blogger, writer


If you have a cool smartphone and a talent, you can easily become a professional journalist!  The main thing is to be at the right time in the right place, where you will find the sensation! There you can catch the right person and easily take a video on the phone, and then propose this interview to a magazine or a TV-company.


Blogging can be a good starting point for that. Of course, it is clear that a smartphone is not very convenient for writing posts, it is much smarter to use a tablet for this purpose. But there are many iOS and Android applications that you can use to write posts on the major blog platforms (including WordPress and Tumblr), and some platforms (TypePad, for example) have built-in modules for working using mobile phones.
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If you know your native city well, love it and have a plenty of free time – you can become a guide! All you need is your own web site and a “modest” advertisement on Excursiopedia!

What about cool guide apps? Yes, there are many of those, but they definitely can`t replace a real person, who has been born in the city and knows every cat out there!

An excellent tour (and guide) while visiting Olympia (Greece) and the Archaeological Museum on a Silver Spirit shore excursion. © 2013 Ralph Grizzle

You can set up multi-route Google maps on any Android phone and plan your tour in a best way. You can also create your own cool guide and sell it as an e-book or an app for a smartphone.

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Dealer at auction


The first thing that comes to mind is eBay, one of the largest online auctions. Good auction has as many opportunities as items exposed.

If you have a spare time, don`t waste it, – go to the flea market (there are plenty of those in old cities), buy something that can be interesting to customers (for example, a work of art), and set it up for sale.


There are many examples of such business. For example, young people in Europe often buy vintage musical instruments and furniture, partially restore these items, and then sell at 5-10 times higher price to Americans. Demand creates its own supply – and vice versa!


You can search for what is new on eBay, using an eBay app for iPhone or Android anytime, anywhere.



[appbox appstore 282614216 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.ebay.mobile&hl simple]
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Mystery shopper


If you adore shopping, this job is for you! It is actually a legal business for many people and it can provide a good income with a small effort. The only condition is that you should do the job technically right.


Manufacturers always want to know how their goods are arranged on a shelf, in what condition they get on the shelves, in what quantity, at what part of a store and at what price they are selling. And the agents (most frequently they are the students) can easily count the products and photograph the shelves in the supermarket while shopping!


It is better to check for a mystery shopper job in research institutions, such as foreign Corporate Research International, accessed by all reputable companies.

Apps that can help you in this uneasy task:

Secret Shopper (iOS, Android)

[appbox appstore 787552937 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.secretshopper&hl simple]

Rewardable (iOS, Android)

[appbox appstore 693785884 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.rewardable&hl simple]

Field Agent (iOS, Android)

[appbox appstore 364946558 simple]

[appbox googleplay net.fieldagent&hl simple]

Millionagents (iOS)

[appbox appstore 717152705 simple]

4Shoppers (iOS)

[appbox googleplay com.fourservicegroup.fourshoppers simple]



Now it`s time to choose – whether to work on a large company – or to be your own boss – offer a unique product or service on the largest free ads portal JiJi!


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