5 Wonder Cities Of Night Life In Nigeria

Today we are to discover some most attractive cities to spend your night life in. they are not attractive only but have much to offer you as spots of rest and enjoyment.

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1) Night life in Abuja

The capital city of Nigeria is the place where there is no time to sleep. Because of the bubbling atmosphere one could go catch fun in this place where different relaxation spots are in abundance.


This is also a place of two civilizations mixture – an African and a western one. Here you can find many ethnic nationalities as well as a big number of political activities that take place almost every day. So it is one of the world’s capitals that is growing in power with each single day.


It is especially unique for its wonderous night life. Here you can find spots of different kind to relax after long hours work. From Wuse to Garki, Utako to Jabi, Maitama to Asokoro, Area 1 to Apo-Gudu districts are some of the mouth-watering cosy places that will baffle first timers of the city.

2) Night life in Caliphate

The life in Sokoto is the least groovy among the whole territory of the country. It is really one of the most overwhelming and one of the busiest joints. A walk round the metropolis especially at the night hours would give you some air of surprises when you get to the Old Airport part within the metropolis.


The staff who prefer to be anonymous say there are lots of accommodation places where you can find both soft and alcoholic drinks. And the whole scenario of your resting is accompanied by occasional club activities.


3) Night life in Jos

If you live outside the city, you could have a feeling like all of its inhabitants are on fire because people just don’t have the time to unwind. But those ones who live there can assure you there’s no place more beautiful and peaceful than Jos. Besides, the locals are known to be very hospitable and kind.


If talking about the night life, it should be definitely noticed that activities have blossomed tremendously in the city. Visit Avis Bar and Restaurant, Langfield resort rayfield, Elim Top suite and Magnun bar along Tudun Wada and you will get a chance to observe that night life has picked up fully in the state capital, as night crawlers gather most evenings to unwind.

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4) Night life in Nasarawa State

This city is especially famous for its social activities depending on what one is disposed to indulge in. What is most characteristic about night life in Lafia, however, is that it is easy to notice the state does not boast of a bouyant economy which has a direct consequence on their night activities.


When in some other cities you should pay an entry of about N10 000, here it’s just N100. The night clubs you can visit are:  DD’s World, Youth Palace and Eno. The club operators prefer to make money on selling beer and wine than scaring people away with the stratospheric entry prices.

Lanchika is for those who prefer more localized form of entertainment. It is such a form that consists of some erotic dance steps usually performed in Hausa or Indian songs. The girls who dance can be as young as 14 years of age.


5) Night life in Lagos

The city of Lagos is known to be a nation’s hub of entertainment. As the former capital of Nigeria and economic live wire, the city prides itself as the headquarters of entertainment in the country and Sub Saharan Africa. So the night life in the city is the necessity.


It is also called “the city that never sleeps”. Even at times of some economic downturns the people here find the way to entertain themselves and relax.


Movida Lounge along Toyin Street, Vegas Club, Pekas, Quilox are the busiest clubs at night and weekends. So you can see that on the island which indeed is the hub of events as far as Lagos is concerned, night life in Lagos can be felt in an organised manner.

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