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9 Failures Of Successful People

Dreamed, planned, started and failed? Still thinking whether it’s worth continuation? Don’t! Just read about failures of most successful people of the world and continue your road!

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#1 – Henry Ford

1This guy failed hard twice when building his Motorcar Empire. The first time he failed with the trust of his stakeholders right after a half of a year had passed since his company was set up. But he didn’t give up and gathered the right amount of money to restart his business and failed the second time just in a year being forced out of his own company. Still he wasn’t dejected and had found other investor to restart Ford Motor Company and finally succeeded!

#2 – Walt Disney

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A creator of famous Walt Disney Studio and theme parks had also failed hard twice. The first time he was fired from the Kansas City Star Newspaper because he “was lacking creativity”. The second time he failed with his own business called Laugh-O-Gram that broke down just in a year it was set up. Then Walt decided to move to Hollywood where his star of successes had lightened up. Maybe the whole reason of failures stood behind the Kansas city which was just not that one for Walt, who knows?

#3 – Richard Branson

3For those who don’t know who Richard Branson is – he is quite a successful entrepreneur nowadays. He started his activity at the age of 16 when he decided to set up a school magazine. But that idea didn’t work out actually. When grown up and become more experienced and business-conscious Richard set a record shop called Virgin. Nowadays there are Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Music, and Virgin Active. Though on his path to success he endured many more failures, including Virgin Cola, Virgin Vodka, Virgin Clothes, Virgin Vie, and Virgin Cards, thanks God he never gave up.

Read about Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, and Bill Gates on the following page

#4 – Oprah Winfrey

This woman has definitely much to be proud of as she began her life in poverty and has grown to become a queen of entertainment, and has enjoyed an amazing career as a talk show host, media proprietor, actress, and producer. She has also experienced many failures in her life but nevertheless stood up. She was fired from her first job being a reporter for WJZ-TV and was called to be “unfit for television”. By a weird coincidence she has proved the contrary.


#5 – J.K. Rowling

5This divorced woman had started her career when she was just a single mother on welfare. She had experienced different failures when attempting to publish her worldwide famous book “Harry Potter”. She was rejected by the publishers with the words “It is far too long for a children’s book”  and  ”Children books never make any money.” But even after several failures she hasn’t given up and found the way to show her masterpiece to the whole world making a fortune on selling more than 400 million books.

#6 – Bill Gates

Before Bill Gates and his friend Paul Allen actually set up a Microsoft Company they had an experience with setting another company called Traf-O-Data which had eventually failed. There was quite a good idea laying as the concept of this company’s activity – to read data from roadway traffic counters and create automated reports on traffic flows. But the company appeared to be flawed having few customers and resulting only in losses.


On the next page you will find the stories of success of Milton Hershey, Henry Heinz, and Steve Jobs

#7 – Milton Hershey

7Hershey confections are very popular nowadays for its delicious chocolate and other confectionary. It is unbelievable to hear but the founder of the company, Milton Hershey, had also many troubles on his way to success. Well, nothing goes as smoothly as we all would want it to. But eventually it’s good to know all your trying is rewarded aftermath.

#8 – H.J. Heinz

8Heinz company is a worldwide expert of baby foods. Its founder is also a ketchup factory creator. Henry had started his career producing horseradish and had come a cropper. Thank to heaven he had many other ideas in his mind and nowadays is successfully competing with the world’s foodstuff producers.

#9 – Steve Jobs

At the very beginning of Apple’s company when it wasn’t famous and successful at all, Steve Jobs was listed among the employees who had been fired from the company. But Steve hadn’t gotten offended with the Management Board’s decision and had returned to the company several years later just to make it one of the most profitable, famous, and successful electronic companies of all ages.


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