House vs. Apartment: Make The Right Choice

The choice between a house and an apartment is a choice we all have to make before buying our first property. It’s not always a question of price – if you look at prices for real estate in big cities like Lagos, Abuja and Rivers, you’ll find that sometimes large apartments cost as much as moderately sized houses. This is why you should pay attention to other factors while making this extremely important decision. Hopefully our tips will help you make your mind!

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Obviously, one of the key differences between a house and an apartment is the size of the property. An average Nigerian family can comfortably live in a property of any size, so it’s entirely up to yours and your family’s taste to make that decision.


Generally, smaller properties are easier to take care of, but larger properties may seem more comfortable for a lot of buyers, especially families with children. Consider additional costs and taxes that you will possibly have to pay if you make a choice in favour of a big house rather than a small apartment.


Security is a big concern right now in Nigeria; every day we hear about another house being burglarized. It’s completely understandable that you, as the head of the family, want to provide maximum security for your loved ones. But is a house more secure than an apartment?


We can answer this question negatively; as a rule, apartments are more secure than a house. Of course, a lot depends on the neighbourhood, but many apartment complexes in Nigeria, especially newer ones, have 24/7 security guards. In this regard, houses are less secure and easier to rob. Whatever choice you make, don’t forget to add a few security gadgets to your new property.


A lot of property’s appeal lies in the neighbourhood and the facilities it provides. Since apartment complexes are usually located in the busier parts of the city, they provide better infrastructure. If you live in an apartment in the centre of a big city, you can easily access good schools, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, business centres, and other establishments.


On the other hand, houses are usually situated in quieter parts of the city or even the suburbs, where the infrastructure might not be as great as in apartment complexes. However, those who value serenity and clean air, will find houses better in this regard. So here is a choice you have to make: do you want your new property to be quiet or busy?


Who doesn’t own or want a cute dog or cat? If you already have a beloved family pet, or plan to adopt one soon, consider this fact when you’re shopping for property. Of course, cats can be comfortably kept even in small apartments, but what about dogs?


Smaller dogs can live in apartments just like cats, but if you have a larger breed, over 20 kg, apartments are not the best place to keep dogs in. Larger dogs need more space; they need to be able to go for a walk around the yard whenever they want. This is why a house with a nice yard will be your perfect choice if you have a family dog.


Since a lot of modern families in Nigeria own at least one car, you need to know where to park your car whenever you need. Many apartment complexes have their own parking lots, but they are often occupied by your neighbours’ cars, and you are forced to leave your car just in the street or at a paid parking lot.


If you purchase a house with a large yard, you can turn a part of the yard into a parking lot. This way you’ll always be able to park your car, and even another car, depending on the size of your personal parking space. You’ll never worry about leaving your car in the street!


Do you think you would never do gardening? You’ll never know if you like it until you try it! But how can you try gardening when you own an apartment, and not a house? If you’re already a fan of gardening, or want to explore a new hobby of gardening, make a choice in favour of a house. With a nice garden you can grow your own produce, chill out on a sunny day, or do whatever you like – after all, it’s your own garden!


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