Sell Quick, Buy Safe Now With!

If you haven’t heard about, you might be from another planet! 

Actually, I guess even aliens heard about these classifieds. But speaking seriously, this website is a place you must visit at least once. And after you visit it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and start using JiJi for buying all the things you need, want, or can think of.


To start with, you should register on the website or just sign in with Facebook. Then you can post an advert, if you want to. Place a description of an item you are going to sell, telling about its specifications, performance, and condition. Post a photo. Leave your contacts (there’s no need to worry, everything is save and secured). Such simplicity is the major reason why JiJi is so popular. It may be hard to believe, but every new advert appears every five minutes.

Those who are looking for something should check out a category the desirable item belongs to. There is a bunch of them: Mobile Phones and Tablets, Electronics, Vehicles, Home and Garden, Fashion and Beauty, Babies and Kids, Animals and Pets etc. You open one of these, adjust a list of offers to make it look more appropriate for you and easier to find something, and view the offers.

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Apply different viewing modes, sort everything according to price or date, view similar offers, frequent searchers and so on. If you know exactly what you are looking for, just type it on the proper line at the top of the page. You can choose a district or city, click on different tags…

Sell quick, buy safe with That’s what it offers its users. By the way, the number of users is growing incredibly fast. If you look through all the reviews and comments on the website, you won’t have any doubts left.


Why has JiJi become so popular lately? It cares about its users. For some, this may sound like a cliché – a really annoying cliché! Nevertheless, people are satisfied with the service. It offers a wide range of items to choose from. It guarantees privacy and security. All the suspicious activity is tracked by the newest security systems. All the people posting adverts are real people. You can easily contact them anytime you want, for the contacts are always verified.

To the certain extent, the service works like a traditional market. The only difference is that it has to change some rules, applying the principles of the XXI century to its work. By saying this, I mean you can “take a closer look” at what you are going to buy by specifying the details you are interested in via phone talk. Moreover, you can even bargain. Sometimes it works, as well.

There’s no need to continue talking about JiJi and all its advantages!

Just check out the website and see everything with your own eyes. All you need is a laptop or a phone with a specially designed app, available for free.


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