Skinny – Or Stupid? Truth About Losing Weight

You can create legends about the radical ways of losing weight, but it is better to draw conclusions!


Many of you may know that not all modern and effective weight loss methods affect our health in a good way. Very often, before we start losing pounds, we lose our brain and rational thinking.

In this post we will reveal the truth about different ways of losing weight that are considered to be a panacea!


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We won’t go into the details of such radical ways of losing weight as liposuction, gastric bypass surgery, starvation, chemical peeling – even a fool can see that these methods have many pitfalls and are unhealthy.

We will focus on the most popular and simple methods and on their advantages and disadvantages.

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Weight loss tea and coffee

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Slimming tea advantages:

  • You can choose the slimming tea with a good combination of herbs, it would act mildly and reduce the appetite;
  • If you don`t take it long, it can normalize the intestine function.

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  • laxative and diuretic substances in such tea are not always natural;
  • reduces the weight, but not the size;
  • the body will be worn-out and exhausted, so it will try to restore all the lost salts and minerals;
  • fakes (which are the most of such teas) can cause diarrhea and dehydration;
  • if you drink it more often than it is prescribed, the kidneys and the intestines will become “lazy”, and you will get such problems as swelling and constipation.

slimming coffee 1

Slimming coffee has a similar action.

slimming coffee 2

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Slimming cocktails, pills and capsules

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Slimming cocktails, pills and capsules are classified depending on their actions:

  • meal replacements – cocktails;
  • supplements that reduce appetite;
  • supplements that create an illusion of fullness;
  • fat burners.

slimming capsules 2

Most common advantages for all types:

  • rarely cause serious harm (when taken for a short period of time);
  • well suited for handling detox days as an alternative to mono diets;
  • high efficiency;
  • decrease the appetite;
  • cleanse the colon;
  • stimulate the metabolism.

slimming capsules 3


  • it is very difficult to be on a cocktails diet;
  • if you take a cocktail with food, you can gain even more weight;
  • meal replacements are “boring”;
  • you may come to reduced efficiency, allergies, lack of energy, physical and nervous exhaustion.

slimming capsules 4

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Slimming patches

Slimming patches 1


  • more effective than pills;
  • are not harmful for liver;
    weight loss is possible, but not more than 5 kg;
  • successfully fight the cellulite;
  • slimming patches slightly reduce the appetite.

Slimming patches 2


  • high price;
  • cannot be used by pregnant and nursing women, people undergoing chemotherapy;
  • for several years of sales there have been no clinical studies;
  • patches have no impact on the number of fat cells in the body;
  • “natural” substances containing in patches do not guarantee the harmlessness and hypoallergenic characteristics of the product.

Slimming patches 3

Slimming patches 5

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Wrapping 1

It is advisable to combine it with other weight loss methods to achieve a greater effect. If there are no contraindications (gynecological diseases, high blood pressure, varicose veins), you can apply this method selecting the appropriate option.

Wrapping 2

Wrapping 3

There are cold and hot wrapping, wrapping using essential oils. You can also choose toning or relaxing wrapping. It is very important to find the right kind of wraps and good specialists.

Wrapping 4

Wrapping 5

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Slimming Massage 1

Massage is a useful procedure, which practically has no contra-indications. It is great, if you want to correct your shapes slightly. In this case the 7-10 sessions course would be enough.

Slimming Massage 2

Slimming Massage 3

Massages with various oils perfectly improve the blood circulation and nourish the skin.



If the excessive weight is substantial, massage won`t help you a lot, but it will start some processes in the body. At least it will improve the lymph flow, which is crucial for metabolic processes at the cellular level.

Slimming Massage 4


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Tight underwear

Underwear 1

Tight underwear can hide your delicious shapes – but it will hardly help you lose weight.

Underwear 3

There are three types of this special underwear:

  • tight underwear is the rough way to hide your chic shapes that is just tightening protruding body parts. Many kinds of panties, pantyhose, briefs and corsets have this kind of function;
  • modelling underwear will not only hide the excessive fat, but it will move it to the “right direction”. For example, modelling bras can give a desired form to your breast;
  • corrective underwear has one more function – it makes body retain the acquired form.

Underwear 2

Underwear 4

You should also pay attention to the fabric composition. You won’t find 100% cotton, because the underwear just has to be stretchy. Don’t be afraid if it includes lycra. But try to avoid the nylon.

Underwear 5

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