6 Tips To Extend A Life Of Washing Machine

Washer is very useful device in your house. It helps to save not only your time, but minimize water discharge! If you think it is very expensive purchase, try to think about perspective! How many time your wife spend by washing clothes for all family? How many times she change water to rinse out every shirt? Be sure, washer will do it better! But this device also need handling! What to do for your washer work as new one for a long time?


http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-pL6y-4Jyd1g/TX4dvzHJCsI/AAAAAAAAAGg/ySUq1ZkN5MU/s320/Kliptown%2Bwasher%2Bwoman.jpg The life of washing machine is about 10 years. But dust, dirt, “hard” tap water significantly shorten this period. And one day  the machine stops working for no visible reasons for that. Deposits of salts and heavy metals on tubular heaters lead to a complete stop of the machine. How to prevent and clean this stuff?

1. Pour  citric acid powder into detergent compartment. Turn loop with the highest temperature of the water and wait for the machine finish it. You will see color of the water: milky white! This is exfoliated scum under the influence of citric acid.

http://www.remodelista.com/files/styles/733_0s/public/fields/How%20to%20Clean%20A%20Washing%20Machine,%20add%20baking%20soda,%20by%20Justine%20Hand%20for%20Remodelista_1.jpgOn average, a washing machine with automatic loading of 5 kg bags requires 500-600 gr of citric acid. Of these, 400 gr. pour into a container for detergent, 100 gr. – in a drum.

Repeat this procedure twice a month – you wil nedd much less citric acid if you will do this regularly.

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If you smell bad “odor” from your machine first of all clean filters!

http://f.tqn.com/y/laundry/1/W/0/W/-/-/smelly-washer.jpg2. Few people know of the existence of this filter, and clogging – are not uncommon. A layperson can give fabulous money to master, who will “fix” the washer, although there is no any failure – just need to clean the drain filter. It is located on the front side of the machine, at the bottom, you can see the outline of the square cover. On video you can see how to do this!

How To Clean Your Washing Machine Filter

This short video shows how to clear the drain filter on many front loading washing machines, in this case on an ISE hot and cold fill washing machine (http://www.iseapplainces.co.uk). For more washing machine help please see our website at http://www.ukwhitegoods.co.uk

Front Load Washer Repair – Not Draining or Spinning – How to Unclog the Drain Pump

Video showing you how to clean out the drain pump on your Front Load Washer. You will want to do this if you have a front load washer that is not spinning or draining. Most of the spinning issues with front loaders comes from the pump having debris in it.

Washing machine’s drum

http://cf.cleanandscentsible.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Resized-Washing-Machine-Before.jpg3. Drum of the washing machine can accumulate dirt and lime deposits. Some models have auto-cleaning drum. Just press the button and you can watch the process without any intervention. How to clean the drum of the washing machine, if there is no function?

Fill the drum with 100 ml of bleacher. Start wash program without any laundry at a temperature not lower than 60 ° C. And it kills an odor.

If you already use citric acid – you can pass this step)

4. Mix the vinegar with water in a ratio of one to one, soak the cloth in the solution and carefully wipe the rubber seal. In its folds may still remain the bacteria exude an unpleasant smell. Vinegar will kill them.
Leave washer door ajar to dry the drum after each wash.


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Odor still bother you? Clean front drawer for powder and detergents!

http://www.stain-removal-101.com/image-files/cleaning-washing-machine-smelly-washer.jpgMost often nobody looks in this part of machine – fills powder into reservoir with fabric softener and starts to wash. But if you look there, you will see a lot of interesting. They found the dirt, black stains of mold and even fungus. The unpleasant sight, and most importantly – all these dirt for each wash are in contact with the drum of the washing machine and your laundry. How to clean the drawer and the capacity for the powder?

5. Drawer can be easily removed from the compartment. Remove the receiver for the powder, take a sponge, and better – an old toothbrush, soap, and try to clear all the accumulated dirt and deposits inside the mold.
The reservoir for the conditioner can be incrustated with dirt. http://ao.com/life/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Clean-detergent-drawer-with-toothbrush.jpgTo get rid of it, use the fluid, used to remove dirt from the toilet. You can take an inexpensive fluid with chlorine, pour 20-30 ml into the department. Let stand for 1-2 hours. Rinse with water.

6. Cleaning of the powder container is easy – prophylactically rinse it after every 3-5 washing, to avoid the formation of dirt and mildew.

Be careful with using vinegar – it is very effective to remove scum and bacteria but it also can damage rubber parts of washer!


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