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Top 21 Amazing Facts From The World Of Business

The world is full of fantastic things! But we have no clue about it, because being consumers is our main role in this world. You take a Coke – you drink a Coke. You buy a sweater – you wear a sweater. Shops, markets, supermarkets…
…While the World of Brands just bursts with amazing stories! So, sit down and listen…


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Every second 163 000000 products are sold on the Amazon, the world’s largest online store. And now try to imagine how many products it sells daily!


The planet’s biggest supermarket – “New South China Mall” – opened in the year 2005 in the Chinese city of Dongguan?. But until now 99% of the retail space in the building is empty! Probably, the cause of this project failure was the real estate crisis, which lasted from 2005 to 2011. In 2009 there even appeared a documentary about the dead hypermarket “Utopia Part 3: the world’s largest shopping center”.

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What car brands are the most prestigious? Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, maybe Audi, Ducati and Porsche. All these brands have one thing in common – all of them are the property of the Volkswagen company.


In 1996 Pepsi had an unusual advertising campaign. Fans of the drink were asked to collect points for the purchased bottles of Pepsi and exchange them for prizes. Among the prizes there were branded Pepsi shirts, jackets, sunglasses. The company also made a commercial, in which a guy landed on the front lawn of the school his Harrier fighter jet, which he previously got for 7 million points. Of course, it was just a PR move.

But John Leonard, a resident of Seattle took it seriously. He sent PepsiCo a check for 700 008 dollars and asked to give him a fighter jet! The company, naturally, refused to comply with the requirement of the student. In response, John accused producers of soda in fraud and filed a lawsuit, which later was known as the “Leonard vs Pepsico”.


Pepsi Harrier Jet Commercial

Entrepreneurs in the United States try to register every element of their brand to protect rights to it in court. Facebook has officially registered the words “face”, “book”, “like”, “poke” and “wall” as official brand names!

Facebook 2

Pleasant smells in supermarkets are usually artificial and designed to entice a customer to buy something. Especially the one, who is hungry!


Shopping series - Boy buying bread

Lego is associated with cool toys and with an ineffable feeling of stepping on one of them with your bare foot. The Lego Group has created so many details that for each inhabitant of the Earth falls 50 items.


“Hewlett Packard” founders Bill Hewlett ? Dave Packard in order to decide whose name will be the first in the company`s name, tossed a coin.


Friday the 13th is the day of the most incredible discounts in the United States. On this day, many people make stupid, unreasonable purchases. One statistical agency has counted that the money spent on this day is enough to provide with food all hungry people on Earth during 2 years!

Friday 13

Love to race a cool car or a motorcycle by a high-way? Don`t ever do this in Finland! In accordance to the laws of the country, the fine is based on the annual income of the lawbreaker. Once a callous scorcher had to pay the fine of 200.000 euros.

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What is the most popular topic of pop-songs? According to statistics, 92% of them are about sex.

Music & Sex

Coca-cola secret ingredient is called Merchandise X7.


According to statistics, 90% of restaurants close within the first year after opening.


Restaurant 2

One of Marilyn Monroe bras was sold for $ 14000.

Marilyn Monroe

More than 80% of world toys are made in China, and 13 out of 33 new products that appear in the world daily are the toys.

Toys 1

Toys 2

More than 40% of produced almond goes for creating a chocolate.


The designer of “Nike” logo got only $ 35 for it!


The best place to refuel your car is Venezuela: here the fuel costs only 0,05 dollars per liter.


An average ATM makes errors that cost it $ 250 per year!


Do you like to buy clothing in stock stores? Then you should know that if you see there a stuff by Louis Vuitton – that is a fake. It is in company`s politics to burn everything that hasn`t been sold!


What is the best-selling product in the world? It`s a Rubik`s cube. Yeah, that`s true, it`s in the first place. And the second best is iPhone.


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