Top 4 Men’s Shoe Essentials

It’s safe to say that not a lot of men put too much consideration into their wardrobe. However, this may be a crucial mistake, especially if you care about the impression you make on people you meet: women, new friends, co-workers or bosses. Don’t worry – looking good doesn’t mean you have to buy dozens of expensive outfits and learn how to wear them. Sometimes all it takes to make a good impression is a pair of cool, high quality shoes. If you’re like the majority of men and only own one or two shoe pairs, check out our helpful guide to find out which 5 pairs of shoes should be in every man’s wardrobe.

1. Formal shoes

Formal shoes are a particularly versatile type of footwear: depending on your lifestyle, you can wear them day in and day out to work, or only take them out on special occasions like weddings and birthday parties. No matter which group you belong to, formal shoes are a true must-have.


The choice of formal footwear can be a bit intimidating, but here is what you should consider:

  • Material: it’s best to go for leather or suede, although if you don’t have a large shoe budget, faux leather will do just fine.
  • Colours: obviously, black should be your number 1 choice, but if you’re feeling adventurous and can coordinate your new shoes with the rest of your wardrobe, pick a dark brown or tan pair.
  • Construction: if you plan to wear your shoes every day, make sure they’re built for extensive use. Low quality sole materials can break down pretty quickly, and you won’t be able to enjoy your new formal shoes for too long.

2. Casual boots

There is not a single one more universal pair of shoes than casual boots. Built with high quality materials, they can withstand any weather or season. Additionally, they look great with almost every outfit, from a casual jeans and shirt combination to formal suits.


Obviously, the versatility of casual shoes largely depends on the following features:

  • Material: although leather shoes and boots are still the most popular choice among buyers, casual shoes offer more flexibility in terms of materials – lightweight suede will work just as well.
  • Colours: since casual boots are not intended for formal wear, you can go for a wide variety of colours, particularly all kinds of earthy tones. Dark blue and dark red shoes are another solid choice.

3. Trainers

What kind of men’s wardrobe would it be if it didn’t include a pair of stylish and practical trainers or sneakers? With a right pair of trainers you can positively transform even the dullest outfit. If the dress code at your job is not too strict, you can even wear them to work!


Unfortunately, not all kinds of trainers feel comfortable and look great. In order to get the most out of your trainers pay attention to the following:

  • Material: since trainers are mostly worn during hot days, better choose models made with breathable canvas – that way your feet won’t get overheated and you’ll feel comfortable under any weather conditions. Leather and suede trainers are less breathable, and, therefore, less preferable.
  • Colours: you can’t go wrong with picking any color of the rainbow for your new trainers. Of course, colours like black, grey and brown are considered to be classic for a reason, but you can let your imagination run wild and choose red, green, blue or even gold trainers – the only requirement is that they go well with your style.

4. Casual shoes

In a way, casual shoes are pretty similar to trainers, since they are both used in similar situations and fit the same styles. However, if you want your shoe wardrobe to be truly versatile, it’s a good idea to own both.


Casual shoes are a great choice for buyers who want something less demanding than formal shoes, but more formal than trainers. Are you ready to buy your first pair of casual shoes? Then pay attention to the following:

  • Material: since this type of shoes is mostly worn in spring and summer, breathability is another important feature of this footwear. Suede, mesh and canvas are all excellent material choices when it comes to casual shoes.
  • Colours: like trainers, casual shoes have no restrictions when it comes to colours. Of course, there are some classic choices like black and dark blue, but bright red or mustard yellow casual shoes can be great addition to your wardrobe.

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