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Top 5 Revolutionary Technologies In Creating Sneakers

The latest technologies often astonish everyone. They are born to impress! Sometimes it seems that the future from our dreams is already here, it just caught us by surprise!


This post is about innovational technologies that have been achieved in creating sneakers. And even though it is so hard to believe, this is a holy truth!

«Dynamic Fit Collar» ?? Nike 2

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“3D-printing” by New Balance

«3D-??????» ?? New Balance (3)

One of the most outstanding events of recent times was the presentation of the unique 3D printing technology, provided by New Balance in its line of custom spikes for sports enthusiasts.

«3D-??????» ?? New Balance 1

This technology is not exactly 3D printing – it is rather SLS – Selective Laser Sintering, or “laser soldering”. The technology exists since 1980-s and is widely used in the production of “Formula-1” bolides – for metal soldering.

«3D-??????» ?? New Balance (2)

The uniqueness of the technology is that they create a detailed map of the foot – sole contact during the movement – using more than 100 sensors and taking into account all the athletes comments. As a result, they develop a perfect pair of shoes, which is so good that you almost don’t feel it on feet!

«3D-??????» ?? New Balance (1)

3D Printing by New Balance

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“All Condition Control” by Nike

ACC Nike. 3

There is no such thing as bad weather … only bad clothing!

The weather during a football match plays a huge role. Wetness during the rain significantly hinders controlling the ball even for the elite players!

ACC Nike 2

Engineers from Nike developed and presented to the public a new technology “All Condition Control” (ACC), to prove that there is no bad weather. “Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather!” The technology eliminates “weather imperfections” and helps ensure steady ball control in all weather conditions.

ACC Nike 4

The technology provides the optimal level of friction between the surface of the boots and the ball during the game: this is achieved thanks to the special processing of material for the upper layer of the boots. All Conditions Control (ACC) is now available for all Nike sneakers series, including Nike HyperVenom Phantom, Mercurial Vapor VIII, Tiempo Legend IV, CTR 360 Maestri III and Total 90 Laser IV.

ACC Nike

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«Flyknit» by Nike & «Primeknit» by Adidas

«Flyknit» ?? Nike 2

Also, Nike presented another solution for the sneakers top layer — Flyknit, which is now massively produced. The first thing that draws your attention is the absence of the usual foil sheets, tissues, inserts: the entire top layer of sneaker is knitting.

«Flyknit» ?? Nike 3

Manner and density of a knit give special characteristics to the sneakers – flexibility, “breathability” and stiffness.

«Flyknit» ?? Nike 1

«Flyknit» ?? Nike 4


  • fewer stitches and underlayers, there are no unpleasant feeling that appear when the fold of the sock is not at the right place;
  • lightness and excellent ventilation, great fit.

Nike competitors, Adidas, has a very similar technology called PrimeKnit. It was presented at the Summer Olympics in London.

Primeknit 2

Primeknit 3

Primeknit 4

Primeknit 1


Adidas Tubular Primeknit On Feet Review!

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«Dynamic Fit Collar» by Nike 

«Dynamic Fit Collar» ?? Nike 3

Dynamic Fit Collar is much more than an innovative discovery, it is a special system located at the ankle that provides the tight fit, it fixes leg and increases the sensitivity to movement.

«Dynamic Fit Collar» ?? Nike 2

«Dynamic Fit Collar» ?? Nike 5

It allows to feel the ball better and to control it with more confidence! A certain height of a sneaker allows foot and ankle work as a whole, making movements more natural.

«Dynamic Fit Collar» ?? Nike 1

You can find this technology in Nike Magista and Nike Mercurial Superfly IV series.

«Dynamic Fit Collar» ?? Nike 4

Nike Mercurial Superfly 4 vs Hypervenom Phantom 2 vs Magista Obra – Comparison + Review

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The Shift Sneakers

TheShift Sneaker 3

Unique sneakers by TheShift Sneaker design bureau can change their color, they are created specifically for those who are bored of wearing shoes of the same color during one walk!

TheShift Sneaker 1

You can change the color using your smartphone and Pack Store app. You can change the following parameters:

  • color;
  • logo;
  • stickers;
  • inserts.

TheShift Sneaker 2

The top layer of the shoe created from an innovative fabric, which has modified, improved and conductive textile fibers. These fibers receive electrical impulses that provide the instant color change. The application operates in 4 modes and allows you to quickly copy the color of the shoes of other people.

TheShift Sneaker 4

Also, the sneakers react on their owner`s touch – if you forcefully push on the heel, you will get the original color effect!

In the future, You Could Control Your Shoes’ Color With Your Phone

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