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Top 6 Genius Technologies & Inventions You Have Never Heard About

What is the usual type of thinking for losers? 

“Everything is already invented!”

And what do potential geniuses think?

“I am uncomfortable to use this thing – I’ll make it better!”

Office Environment in a diverse office

In this post we will talk about the geniuses – who, luckily, have already become famous due to their own inventions.

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A false nail with functions of computer mouse

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 100

Your hands busy – and you urgently need to scroll through the website, or click “Play”? Use your nails! Or rather, a special NailO overlay with functions of computer mouse!

Nailo 3

The device is a tiny disc that attaches to the nail and allows operating your computer, tablet or smartphone on a distance using wireless network.

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 100

Nailo 5

As a bonus for true ladies – in the near future, the developer plans to allow users develop their own design of NailO, creating unique shapes and colors!

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v80), quality = 90

NailO: A thumbnail-mounted wireless trackpad

Selfinflating tires


You won`t argue with the fact that the tires of your car are underinflated each time you have an emergency – or you don`t have a tire pump!


If so, you should buy yourself the “tires of future” by Coda Development – because they are able to inflate themselves!

Tires 2

The tires have integrated smart pump that inflates tires in a specific time interval, keeping an optimal and safe level of pressure. This will not only save you from unnecessary hassles on the road, but also make your driving more safe!

Tires 4

Finally, in the long run, such tires contribute to reducing the fuel consumption (cars with underinflated tires use more fuel) – and thus reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, and to increasing the duration of tires life.

Tires 3

SIT – Self-Inflating Tire Technology by CODA Development

Senz: an umbrella that never breaks

senz° sales presenter - promo (outside)

This unique umbrella is also called “anti-storm”, because it easily copes with both: the spring breeze and the intense autumn storm.

Senz 7

Senz 9

Developed in accordance with the aerodynamics principles, Senz umbrellas withstand wind speeds of up to 60 km/h and does not inverts. And their extended rear part protects you from the wind and heavy rain.

Sen? 6

Senz 4

Senz 3

Senz 5

Senz has all main design awards:

  • The red dot design award;
  • iF design award (Gold) ;
  • IDEA award (Gold);
  • Good Design Award;
  • Observeur Design Award (Star);
  • Dutch Design Award, etc.

Senz 2

Senz 1

senz° sales presenter - promo (outside)

Senz storm umbrella highlights

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Smarty Ringly


Another idea how to interact with your smartphone. Ringly allows you to monitor what is happening with your phone when it is not before your eyes.

Ringly 2

Ringly 1

This is very convenient on a date, rout or even an interview: configure Ringly in accordance with your taste – select specific icons and colors and link them to incoming calls, getting mail, reminders or messages on Facebook or Twitter, etc. That is all – your phone is in your clutch, and you are aware of what is happening! Moreover – it looks really nice and perfectly suits your other (although not so functional!) rings!

Ringly 4

And one more thing: notifications on the ring work even when your phone is out of reach. Ringly representatives keep joking: “now you can afford yourself a small escape from the phone, but you will still receive notifications that can be important to you.”


Wearable Tech Worth Wearing: Watch Ringly Unveil Its ‘Smart’ Ring

Download Ringly app by Ringly Inc.:

[appbox appstore 942001990?mt=8 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.ringly.ringly&hl simple]

A lipstick that indicates a desire

The fact that the color of your lipstick can say a lot about you is not a news anymore. But the lipstick that can change its color – that`s something new.

Lipstick 1

For shy women or doubting men specially, they created a lipstick that indicates whether a woman wants to have sex.

Lipstick 2

Buying your girlfriend such lipstick for less than 20 dollars, you will know what your lady actually feels.

Lipstick 3

This miracle, invented in California, became possible due to metabolism in the human body. The words from the lipstick commercial: “Bright coat changes color from light-red to dark-red, depending on the mood of a woman who wears it”.

What Does Your Lipstick Say About You?

Dog translator “No more woofs”


Know your dog! Dog translator is not a story from science fiction book, but a technology that really exists! Now everyone who loves his pet will be able to understand everything his dog “says”.

No more woof 4

No more woof 3

The only thing you should do is buy special headset – and learn to listen to your pet.

No more woof 2

In the year 2014, the developers planned to call for $ 10,000 to finance the project “No More Woof”, but they managed to double this amount within two months of fundraising. The prototype device can translate up to three dog emotions, and a more advanced version easily perceives up to four dog thinking patterns, including hunger, curiosity and fatigue!

No more woof 1

Global Gadget – No More Woof!

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