10 Women You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Strangest hobbies on the Earth, most awkward bars and festivals – all of that you can read about on JiJi.ng. But today we are going present you 10 women you wouldn’t ever believe existed. Well, look here – they actually do!

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10 – Jyoti Amge

hK8ULPiLSMYThis Indian actress is the world’s smallest woman at just 63cm tall and she is 21 years old. Her restricted height is due to a growth abnormality called achondroplasia.

#9 – Valeria Lukyanova

The ultra thin Valeria Lukyanova was born with thin long limbs and huge blue eyes just like a Barbie doll. Wanna have have body like she does? – take some fitness classes and you won’t regret!


#8 – Asha Mandela

Longest hair in the world at nineteen and a half feet long. Good for her – one doesn’t manage to grow more than 10 cm and here is the whole plant of hairs.


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#7 – Mayra Hills

World’s largest boobs at 32Z or 32XXX. She had 10 liters of saline solution surgically pumped into her breasts, to go from a 32A to her current size! It must be really hard to find the proper bra!


#6 – Women of Burmese Tribes

Having a long neck is often seen as beautiful in this culture. While the neck rings make the women’s necks appear long, in reality, the weight of the coils pushes down the muscles around the collarbone and compresses the rib cage – meaning their necks appear longer than they are.


#5 – Julia Gnuse

The worlds most tattooed woman. All her tattoos have come from the same artist and have cost an estimated $80,000.


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#4 – Jocelyn Wildenstein

This New York Socialite is renowned for her comprehensive facial surgeries which gave her a cat-like appearance. Want a pet? Meow!


#3 – Kristina Rei

This Russian woman spent over $6000 to have lips like her favorite cartoon character, Jessica Rabbit.


#2 – Triple Threat

If 2 is good then 3 has to be even better! This girl might be a daydream of any women’s breasts admirer.


#1 – Earthquake Arms

byCskpLGoj4We don’t know who this woman is but we are definitely sure it’s better if she doesn’t get mad with you.


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