5 Must-Know Shoe Care Tips

Although nowadays Nigerians pay more and more attention to their appearance and wardrobe, shoes are often left behind when it comes to working on your look, and that’s a crucial mistake. By picking the correct footwear you can transform any outfit, and by choosing the wrong kind of shoes to wear with your outfit you can spoil your whole appearance.

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Choosing the perfect shoes for every occasion is relatively easy, but what is even more important is taking proper care of the shoes. Unkempt, poorly maintained footwear will never make you look more stylish and trendy, so if you want to always leave a good impression on everyone you meet, remember these 5 shoe care tips.

1. Switch your shoes

One of the most important rules of proper shoe care is to never wear a pair of shoes every day of the week – that way your favourite pair of footwear can get worn out much faster than you hoped, and you’ll have to buy new ones over and over again.


A good strategy is to switch between your outfit styles, which will cause you to wear a separate pair of shoes with every look. For example, if your workplace has a dress code and you wear a classic suit to work, add a pair of formal shoes to your look. When you go out with your friends in the evening, wearing jeans and a shirt, casual shoes or boots will do just fine. And if you’re taking your dog for a walk in the park, there is no better outfit than jeans, a T-shirt, and a pair of sneakers. By rotating your footwear you’ll wear them out more evenly.

2. Take proper care of wet shoes

Getting your shoes wet is a frustrating experience on its own – having wet feet is really uncomfortable and can even lead to catching a cold, but leaving wet shoes to dry on their own is a mistake that can eventually cost you a lot. If you get your footwear wet, bring it home and simply leave it on the floor, it may ruin the shape and the material of the shoe, forcing you to buy a new pair sooner than you expected.


To avoid damage that comes from excessive wetness, stuff your wet shoes with crumpled newspapers and place them in an open space so that the air helps them dry. Never put your footwear, no matter how wet it is, near direct heat – for example, near a heater or fireplace. This can cause the shoe material to crack, and if that happens, nothing will be able to save your shoes anymore.

3. Get the necessary tools and products

Every kind of footwear needs its own type of maintenance. For example, leather shoes require several tools: a leather brush for light cleaning, leather cleaner for more thorough cleaning, polish to keep your shoes protected from the water and moisturized, and a conditioner to enhance the look of the leather.


Some people believe that suede shoes are harder to maintain than leather ones, but if you know the basics, everything will be fine. First, get a bottle of waterproof spray and apply it to the footwear to protect it from bad weather. Next, get a suede brush that will help you keep the shoes clean. If you get an oil stain on your suede shoe, dust some talc over the stain and brush it off in a few minutes – this trick does wonders!

4. Do you have a “smelly feet” problem?

Smelly feet are a problem that many people find embarrassing, but it can be easily managed with a little effort. First, make sure your problem does not have medical roots – go to a doctor to see if you have fungus or other disease that can make your feet smell. If nothing is wrong with your health, then try to wash your feet and your socks as often as you can. And don’t wear the same shoes two days in a row – not only does it make the shoes deteriorate, but it also makes them retain smell.


After wearing your shoes for the whole day take them off and put them in an open air to dry and condition. You can use special deodorant in spray or powder form. Additionally, you can change your insoles to get rid of the smell.

5. Wear shoes that fit

As with clothes, there is nothing more damaging for your appearance than outfits and shoes that don’t fit, but, unlike clothes, ill-fitting shoes can not only spoil your look, but also lead to health problems and quick wearing out of the shoe. If your shoes don’t fit well, you start walking differently, even if you don’t notice it, and that results in uneven deterioration of the soles and other parts of the shoe. If you want to keep your feet healthy and your shoes looking good – never buy footwear that doesn’t fit.


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