6 Negative Side-Effects Of Chewing Gum

If you are the one to adore popping a stick of gum to stay refreshed always, then I am sorry to make you shocked with the side effects of doing so. Besides, in this article you are going to get acquainted with the reasons why you should avoid such habit as chewing gum.

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#1 – Bad for nutrition

vaj6iY4_y4QMany people tend to chew gum in order to get appetite before eating. It is true that it helps but the side effects are that people doing so on a regular basis prefer junk food instead of fruits and vegetables. Minty flavor of the gum gives fruits and vegetables a bitter flavor. That’s why it is better to sip a cup of green tea before meal intake which is even helpful if you want to lose extra weight.



The researchers found that eating saccharin, which is one of the main components of a gum, causes a bacterial discrepancy, which upsets all the good microbes in our stomachs that helps us in digesting our food and absorbing essential nutrients.

#2 – Weight gain

H6-ll05LcFQApart from having bad influence on our internal beauty chewing gum has its side effects on our appearance too. Chewing gum makes you feel hungry all the time therefore bringing more snacking into your life. So with the flow of time you simply will recognize the arrow on your weights showing you more and more as it is increasingly difficult to keep yourself away from eating all the time.

#3 – Tooth damage

XwuTuEqUuqoIt doesn’t matter if you chew sugar-free or sugar-coated gum. It damages your teeth anyways causing cavities and dental erosion. Dental erosion is a little different process that of an incremental decalcification, which dissolves your teeth slowly and completely.

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#4 – Cause of headaches

Apart from above-mentioned health disorders, chewing gum is also related to headaches. The recent study conducted that people who chew gum on a daily basis usually suffer from migraine attacks. Hence, the next time you think of popping a stick of gum, remember these points to keep yourself healthy both orally and mentally.


#5 – Makes you sweets-dependent

It is a simple psychological matter that we want more when we have something in large quantity. If we chew gum on a daily basis it supplies our organism with too much sugar. Hence our body gets used to the daily quantity of it and in case you don’t have a stick of gum to put into your mouth you exchange it with sweets therefore leading you to diabetes risks and weight gain.


#6 – Sheep by-product

How do you think gum manages to stay soft? The lanolin comes in handy in such occasion. Well, you say “so what?” until you find out how this component is produced. It is a yellow waxy substance secreted by the sebaceous glands of sheep. Known as “wool fat”, lanolin is harvested by squeezing the sheep’s harvested wool between rollers. Even though this component is not able to damage your health much but still it remains unsavory to know what it is made of.


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