50 Tips To Remove Different Stains

https://images.indiegogo.com/file_attachments/962071/files/20141027015012-w1.jpeg?1414399812How to remove stains from juice, blood, wine, beer, champagne, grass, chewing gum, tomato sauces, fish, canned food, rust, iodine, lipstick, apples, raspberries, cherries, perfume, lipstick, ink stains, stains from vegetable oil , fat stains? Easy with JiJi!

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http://usercontent2.hubimg.com/6383385_f260.jpg1. Before stain removing from clothes made of artificial silk with  acetone, hydrogen peroxide, oxalic acid, acetic acid and citric acid try how it react with substance on unnoticeable place.

2. Stains on the stuff made of artificial skin can not be removed with alcohol, gasoline, acetone, and only warm, soapy water.

3. Stains from fruit and fruit juice can be removed with a solution of glycerin and vodka (in equal parts). Or hold the fabric over utensils with boiling water and rub the stain with vinegar.

4. Old stains on clothes can be removed by heated lemon juice, keeping the cloth over the utensils with boiling water.


http://www.istanbul-mobilya.com/wp-content/uploads/sarap-lekesi-halidan-nasil-cikar-1.jpg5. You can also remove the stain with lemon juice diluted in half with vodka or denatured alcohol, then wipe with a cloth moistened with a solution of water and liquid ammonia.

6. Fresh stains from apples, raspberries, cherries can be washed away with swab moistened with warm milk and soapy water.

http://shortstopchemdry.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/carpet-stain-removal-Macomb-MI.jpg7. Stains from fruit juice should be wiped with liquid ammonia mixed with water and then wash the entire cloth.

8. Wine stains on the dress of cotton fabric can be deduced with boiling milk.

9. Fresh stains from red wine, fruits need to be filled up with salt and washed with soap and water or wiped with 5% solution of liquid ammonia and then rinsed.

10. The spots of white wine and champagne rub with glycerin, heated to 40-50 degrees, then rinse with warm water.

http://www.highqualitycarpet.com/wp-content/uploads/01_WMT_10623_1117_FallClean_C_POV_370x270_CarpetStains_US_ENG_01.jpg11. Stains from wine and beer on cotton tablecloths can be deduced if rub them with lemon and hold for some time in the sun. Then rinse the tablecloth.
12. Wine stains disappear after rinsing thoroughly with warm milk, then first with cold and then hot water.
13. Spots from the beer are removed with warm ammonia, then wash cloth in warm soapy water.


14. Fresh stains from grass (green) can be removed with vodka, and best of all denatured alcohol. You can also remove them with a solution of salt (1 teaspoon to 1/2 cup of warm water). After removing the stain rinse cloth in warm water.

15. Grass stains on white fabrics are removed with 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide with a small addition of liquid ammonia.

16. The spots of perfume and cologne on silk and woolen clothes moisten with wine alcohol or pure glycerin, then rub the cotton wool soaked with ether or acetone.

18. Spots of lipstick on wool and silk are easily derived with pure alcohol.

http://whitewaydelivers.socialtuna.com/files/2015/04/sweat-stains.jpg19. The spot of hair dye can be removed with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and liquid ammonia. Heat solution to 60 degrees and swab the stain with cotton dipped in it. Then wash the cloth in warm soapy water.

20. Sweat stains disappear after washing with a little warm liquid ammonia (1 teaspoon per 1 liter of water). You can also rub the stain with a mixture of vodka and ammonia.

21. Stains of sweat on wool cloth can be removed with a cloth soaked in a strong solution of salt.

http://f.tqn.com/y/housekeeping/1/S/Z/8/coffee-stain-resized.jpg22. The spots of ice cream and milk are outputted with a mixture of equal parts of glycerin, liquid ammonia and warm water. Rub the stain with this mixture, then wash the cloth in warm water.
http://lovechild.edu.vn/wp-content/uploads/images2.jpg23. Spots from the tea are removed with mixture of glycerin with ammonia (4 parts of glycerol and 1 part ammonia). Old stains on white fabric is better to remove with oxalic acid solution (1/2 teaspoon per cup of water) or lemon juice. Than wash cloth in soapy water, adding 2 tablespoons of ammonia to 1 liter of water, and rinse well.
25. Tea stains on white fabrics can be derived by hydrogen peroxide or a few drops of lemon juice, and then wash and rinse the item in warm water.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-RskVL82vtIg/ThVa_sw6BUI/AAAAAAAAAA4/4iZc7-_rOc8/s1600/coffee_stain.jpg26. Stains from coffee, cocoa removed with liquid ammonia, half-diluted with water. A particularly good effect is achieved if you first rub the stain with gasoline.

27. Stains from coffee, cocoa on thin silk dresses can be deduced with heated glycerin – damp the stain and leave for 5 – 10 minutes, then rinse in lukewarm water.

28. Stains from coffee and cocoa fade if washed thing in warm salt water and rinse in cold.

29. Spots of coffee are completely removed with hydrogen peroxide.30. Spots from chocolate are removed with boiling soapy water.

http://bolthely.hu/tarhely/paramentesito/peneszes_ruhak.jpg31. The spots of mold and dampness are derived as follows:
on a cotton cloth – cover the spot with small layer of beaten  dry chalk, put blotting paper and hold with warm iron;
on silk and woolen fabrics – first use turpentine, then cover with a thin layer of dry clay, put on top of blotting paper and warm iron;
a white cloth – moisten the stain with hydrogen peroxide – wash the thing and rinse in warm water;
on color and dyed fabrics – wet the stain with liquid ammonia. But first you need to try it on a separate piece, does it affect the color of the fabric.

http://ghk.h-cdn.co/assets/cm/15/11/54fe9bbf596f2-bathroom-towels-md.jpg32. Fresh stains from mold can be derived if you  wipe the stain several times with the juice of onion or sour whey, and then wash the cloth in hot water.

33. Spots from the tobacco can be removed with such mixture: yolk with denatured alcohol and wash cloth in warm and then in hot water.

34. Fresh stains from eggs on silk and cotton fabrics can be removed if you wash it in cold water, then rub a cotton swab dipped in a weak solution of vinegar, and then wash the cloth with warm water.

http://izbavsa.ru/files/chernila-2_0.jpg35. Ink stains can be deduced by such way: a solution of liquid ammonia (1 teaspoon) and baking soda (1 – 2 teaspoons) in a glass of water; lemon juice (you need to squeeze the juice on the cotton wool to apply to the spot, rinse with water, then wipe dry with a linen cloth; for white fabrics – a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia solution (one teaspoon per cup of water); yogurt (after which the product is thoroughly washed and rinsed); for colored fabrics – a mixture of denatured alcohol and glycerin (2 parts of glycerin and 5 parts of alcohol); for polished furniture – beer (rub the stain with a cloth soaked in beer, let it dry, then grease the waxed and cleaned with a soft woolen cloth); for leather stuff – warm milk.

36. Ink stains and rust on cloth and hands removes juice of ripe tomatoes.

http://moldblogger.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Washing-Machine-Mildew-Cleaning-Tips-e1435684874460-750x410.jpg37. Stains from a ballpoint pen are removed with denatured alcohol.

38. The spots of color ink are  removed with an aqueous solution of borax or  liquid ammonia. Then the stain is washed with warm soapy water with ammonia.

39. Ink stains from the carpet are removed with boiling milk, lemon juice or a strong solution of citric acid or vinegar.

40. Ink spots can also be removed if used consistently milk and citric acid.

41 Fresh ink stains on unpainted floor must first of all get wet blotting paper or cotton wool, and then moisten with lemon juice, vinegar or a strong solution of citric acid.

http://www.tinyeinsteins.com/kids%20bathtub%20paint.jpg42. Fresh grease stains on wool or silk can be derived if the stain sprinkle talcum powder, cover with blotting paper and smooth with not very hot iron. Talc can be left until the following day. Instead of talc you can use chalk or tooth powder.


43. The old grease stains are cleaned well, if you cover them with a mixture of 1 part liquid ammonia, 1 part of salt and 3 parts of water, then hang the thing for ventilation, and then wash in clean water.

44. Fresh grease stain can be derived if sprinkle it with salt and gently rub. Change salt several times until the stain is gone.

https://humerushumorous.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/dexter-wallpaper-3.jpg45. Blood stains should first be rinsed in cold water, then warm soapy water. Old stains wipe with a solution of liquid ammonia (1 teaspoon per cup of water) and then – in the same solution of borax.

46. Spots of blood on thin silk products can be removed with a solution of potato starch and cold water. Apply this mass on a stain on the front and reverse side, let dry thoroughly, shake and, if necessary, wash clothes.

http://ghk.h-cdn.co/assets/cm/15/11/54fe7144753bc-ghk-stainbuster-rust-mdn.jpg47. ??The spots of rust with white fabrics can be removed with a solution of acetic acid or citric acid (1 teaspoon per cup of water). Heat of the solution to near boiling and put there cloth with stain for a few minutes, and then thoroughly rinsed by adding a little baking soda or ammonia. If the stain persists, repeat the entire process again.

48. If the rust stain is weak, you can remove it with lemon juice. For this purpose it is necessary to dampen the stain several times with juice, then lightly smooth with iron, and then rinse with water.

https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/content.cleanipedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/how-to-wash-clothes-by-hand.jpg49. Spots of fish, canned soup, and you can remove with the mixture of 1 teaspoon of glycerin, 1/2 teaspoon of liquid ammonia, 1 teaspoon of water. From cloth, made of natural and artificial silk, these stains can be removed with a mixture of 1 tablespoon of glycerin, 0.5 teaspoon of liquid ammonia and 1 tablespoon of vodka.

50. The spots of the flies are removed with diluted liquid ammonia, then washed with water. Products with old stains soak for several hours in soapy water with a small addition of pure gasoline, then brush dampened with soapy water.

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