How Not To Go Broke On Football Betting

Today everyone who has a smartphone can download betting apps and earn on bets from any part of the world. But in order to earn and not to go broke, you should know some simple rules.

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In this post we will tell you about them and about some common strategies of making bets on football for beginners.


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Nigeria's fans watch the Group F football match between Iran and Nigeria at the Baixada Arena in Curitiba at the 2014 FIFA World Cup on June 16, 2014. AFP PHOTO / JUAN BARRETOJUAN BARRETO/AFP/Getty Images


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Main rules of betting for beginners

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  • If you are a fan of a certain team, don’t make bets on it, because in this case the decision is being made in the context of bias and underestimation of forces of your favorite`s rival, and therefore is not objective;
  • Learn to skillfully manage your bank and constantly monitor it. This will allow you not to put all at once, but to take a certain quantity;
  • If you’re too passionate, you can forget about earnings at betting! The cause of your failure will be your passion, which doesn`t allow you to analyze the events. Remember whom you play with: bookmaker doesn`t have passion – it has only a set of possible figures on the outcome of the event;
  • do not trust tempting projections from untrusted sources. Today many scammers make biased predictions: relying on them, you will lose all your money;
  • before you become an expert, determine the budget that you don’t mind losing. It is always better to start trying to bet on small amounts;
  • never rush to bet on a team with a big factor. Initially, you should analyze the situation, examine the results of the last matches, the number of injured and suspended players, possible change of the psychological climate in the club;
  • don’t try to recoup your losses – this is a surefire way to lose all you have;
  • never go all-in – this is how they lose large amounts of money. You can be lucky a couple of times, but it’s not a strategy, it is a simple luck that will end soon;
  • do not change your decisions in obvious matches on which you can really earn;
  • use long-term strategy of the game. This means that you will need to develop your strategy before you begin to play, and this strategy should be based on your financial budget.




Finally, the main rule is to be able to make an in-depth analysis of the game. Consider all small factors: the change of referee, weather conditions, the density of the game scheme of a command, the distance to the venue of the games. Smart analytics is a 90% guarantee of success.




The types of bets you should avoid:

  • odds-evens;
  • what happens first – out or corner, a goal or a yellow card;
  • who will start from the center of the field;
  • the number of rotations;
  • 5-minute (what happens at one five-minute period).


These rates are difficult to analyze and are made at random. Putting on these events, you will go in minus sooner or later.

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Some proven strategies of betting on football

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  • One of proven strategies is express rate (3-4events) at secondary league matches or lesser-known clubs, to bet on ITL 4.0. According to statistics, this type of bets wins in 4 of 5 matches.
  • Also, the following scheme works great in football betting. Put express rate on several events where there is a clear favorite and outsider. You should select ITB 0.5 for a team-favorite. This means you are betting that this team will score at least 1 goal, and that is quite possible for a favorite. If this happens (85% of cases), you may stop watching the game.
  • Use the so called “betting arbitrage”. This kind of game is great for beginners. It suggests that you register at several bookmakers and bet on a different result. Note the coefficient in order not to not lose everywhere. This type of game will make you feel the tactics and “catch” your method.
  • Another strategy is live betting during the match. The main advantage of such a game is a quick win, the main flaw is a small amount of winnings. For example, at the 70 minute of the match you can put on the team, which is winning with a 2:0 score. In this case, you will earn a small sum, but the risk will be small either. The truth is that there have been cases when the opponent scored three goals in last minutes – so be careful even here.


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