JiJi. Thank God It’s Friday… Black Friday!

Even the laziest shopaholic knows how beautiful the season of sales can be. “50% sale” boards that prettify the shops incredibly please our eyes and excite our imagination. We want it all, our hands reach out for our wallets — what the hell!


But all these sensations are nothing comparing to Black Friday — the only day in a year when you can buy everything you want at incredibly low prices!

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Stop reading tea leaves — you will buy best novelties and gadgets on Black Friday. And you will do it on JiJi! Just for a song!

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JiJiWe have everything. And on Black Friday you can have it for next to nothing!

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Home appliances, clothing, shoes and accessories, electronics, cameras and video cameras, furniture, jewelry, toys and cosmetics, tablets and smartphones — we just don`t have enough fingers to count it. And this is only a small part of what Black Friday 2015 has got for everybody – everybody who will visit JiJi!


Black Friday is a huge holiday, many people love it even more than a New Year or their birthday!

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Special Black Friday Deals On JiJi

Black Friday is an annual event held on the last week of November. Starting from this day all traditional Christmas sales begin. But after Black Friday the shops offer only pitiful leftovers, because shoppers literally wipe everything out of real and virtual stalls – just like a tornado.


So you are more than welcome to visit JiJi.ng – don`t be the last one!

Black Friday got its dubious name many years ago “thanks” to media. The enormous flow of people on that day provoked colossal traffic. Often someone felt bad, and because the emergency couldn`t access him due to restrictions, he couldn`t get the help.

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NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 24: Shoppers crowd the floor at Macy's the day after Thanksgiving November 24, 2006 in New York City. Many shoppers venture out for early deals as the Christmas shopping season gets under way where according to the National Retail Federation; 137 million shoppers are expected in stores on Black Friday. (Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images)








But you have nothing to be afraid of – buy everything you want on JiJi without even leaving home at 70% discount! Unbelievably cheap! Awoof!

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Isn`t it your dream to buy the Blackberry Q10, Infinix Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S6, iPhone 6 or Tecno Phantom 5 at 70% discount? And this is only 1/1000 part of all the offers you can find on JiJi on Black Friday!

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Fatal spenders who never count their money and budget-minded freaks who seek to buy gifts for all their family for a couple of dollars – on this day they have one thing in common – a desire to find the good stuff very very cheap. So they stand in queues to the shopping centers or sit in front of their laptops nervously sipping coffee and looking for a “prey”.

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Are you dying to buy a chic dress for your wife? Or maybe toys for your boys? Or hyper cool watch for your boss? Then definitely visit JiJi – you won`t find better prices!


Experienced American shopaholics don`t work on Black Friday – they take a time off in order not to miss the most important thing. By the way, it is dangerous to visit the malls in the morning that day, because the crowd might just crush you on the escalator or knock you down. But is that something that can stop?

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Strategy and tactics of successful purchases

  • The main thing is not to lose yourself in all that sales, choose the right size and find the best deals!
  • Many internet stores have a Wish List. You can add your favorite products to it and then monitor the discounts.
  • It is advisable to surf the websites of your favorite shops before the Black Friday, choose everything you need and add bookmarks in your browser.
  • You should “catch” low prices at the beginning of a sale. Within several hours, crazy shopaholics will “carry away” the most popular sizes and the goods at lowest prices. Don`t sleep too long! Make yourself some coffee and go shopping in the morning – later it will be too late.

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JiJi is one of the biggest classifieds portal in Nigeria. It offers an astonishing choice of products and services. Everyday hundreds of ads and extraordinarily low prices. And on Black Friday they will be even lower!

02 Feb 2014, Lagos, Nigeria --- Nigerian youth in Lagos gather during a shopping celebration where young fashion entrepreneurs gather to show their latest trends and business possibilities. --- Image by © Carlos Cazalis/Corbis

So, what will you do on November 27th 2015?

You will be visiting JiJi ng,

Typing “Black Friday” in search &

Finding fantastic discounts!!

Good luck!!

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