Men`s Hunting: 3 Unusual Methods Of Seduction

Well, you are not a natural-born Don Juan, who understands at a glance the reasons why a woman behaves in one way or another – and what he can do to get his way.

So what? Another lonesome «home-movie-sleep»? You know? movie can wait!!


In this post you won`t see something like “look in her eyes with tender” or “touch your Hublot gently”. Here you will read about unordinary methods of seduction that work!


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Method 1: Arrogant, brute and sexy!

Most women love arrogant guys. For them it is a symbol of masculinity, assertiveness, brute force. But they usually do not show it, choosing a neutral reaction. That happens because the ladies are afraid to show themselves as bad-mannered, because arrogance is not the best behavior in the view of society. Sometimes they even criticize it, instinctively trying to validate whether you are not faking it. If you back down, you lose.


But you should know: the fire is already burning, so you should continue acting this way and maintaining the image.

However, do not forget: it is easy to play the role of a bad guy with a girl, but it`s not easy to do it with your friends or other bad guys. Therefore, on the first dates there should be only you and her.


Keep in mind that arrogant doesn`t mean rude! You are not being rude. But each of your decision should be very firm, say no to compromises, stay “busy” and unpassionate. You can make jokes about her sexuality and that` all.

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Method 2: the mystery is something that attracts!

The point is that on your first dates you act as an ideal romantic: you take her to romantic places, talk about beautiful things and kiss her in a cheek (and where else should a traditional romantic kiss a girl on the first dates?). And as soon as you`ll see in her eyes “finally, I found him!” – you… just disappear.


This is a play on the contrasts: imagine her reaction – you are very attentive, you don`t rush, all that stuff – and suddenly the fairytale ends in its best part!

She will call you like a mad – don`t answer the phone, she will send you dozens of SMS – keep silent.

actor joseph benjamin

During first 3 days she will be sure that you will call her. But on the 4th day she will start hesitating whether she is attractive to you. And in a week she will start calling you.


Then, in two weeks, when you suddenly contact her and suggest meeting, don`t call the real reason of your silence – just say something “I`ve been busy”.


Try to behave exactly this way – and you will see how effective this method is!
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Method 3: Needle stick

This method of seduction is quite easy – you make only one smart move, but it is important to make it right.


Unlike the above ways, you don’t need to maintain some sort of image or play a certain role. You can behave naturally (usual for you). Then you just make the so-called “needle stick”, showing her that you were studying her all this time, but now you made a decision not in her favor.

You can tell her that you don`t like her manners, her views (or that you don`t like the girls who smoke – it doesn`t matter). And stop all communication with her.


When she will see that, she will understand that she has been estimated during this time. She wasn`t the one who chooses. And you will become more attractive to her.

Here it is also important to make a pause. Her first 2-3 attempts to contact you should be taken by you unserious. Answer rarely and don`t agree to meet her. This way you will show that she has a small chance (you don`t disappear completely), but she should try harder to interest him.


We are sure you haven`t used any of these methods before – and you will think ten times before applying them. Because each of them is a kind of a risk – nobody can give you a 100% guarantee that you will be able to seduce a beauty. 


Another important thing is that using these methods will make your model of behavior more flexible. And when you will become more flexible, you will notice that the girls are more into you (and that is the reason to try all these methods of seduction).


Some of them will work for you, some of them won`t. In any case, you won`t know it until you try each of these methods (and keep a certain image during 2 weeks)!


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