Non-Surgical Breast Enlargement: Best Ways

He lowers his eyes when he meets you not because you have ugly eyes… it`s just that he likes your gorgeous breasts!


Many of us, for one reason or another, seek to correct something that has been given to us by Nature. And aesthetic medicine specialists manage to make fortune on that!

Now stop and think: there are many proven effective natural methods, and the effect they provide will be better and more stable than from the operation. Moreover, there won`t be a need to change your life principles.


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Breast enlargement creams


Breast enlargement is achieved by stimulating collagen production.

Creams for breast enlargement with plant-based ingredients and extracts tighten and lift the skin, increasing cellular activity and greatly strengthen the skin. Cream is suitable for all skin types, significantly reduces the stretch marks and reduces the risk of the emergence of the new ones.


Cream effectiveness depends on hormonal, genetic characteristics, and other factors. Usually the results are noticeable after 3 weeks, but everybody has different individual susceptibility to collagen and sometimes it might take more time.


Such brands as Estee Lauder, Pupa, Sisley, Egomania, Infinum, Oriflame, L’?ccitane, Laco offer very effective products.

Creams 3

Breast enlargement gels have a similar action –they stimulate collagen production, increase elasticity of the tissues and normalize water balance in them. Certain creams and gels (but not all of them!) can slightly adjust the shape of the breast and improve the condition of a skin.

Breast-Enlargement (1)

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Breast enlargement massage

  • Start with stroking the chest clockwise (for 2 minutes) – this way you will prepare your skin for the massage;
  • then, start slightly tweaking the breast in a clockwise direction;
  • with each of the following circles the tweaks should become larger;
  • then, clasping three fingers together, start pushing clockwise (not the breast, but the skin near it).

massage 1

It is good to combine this massage with total-body professional massage – or home massage using quality oils – you can always find them on JiJi!

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Breast enlargement pills

All pills and capsules work on a similar scheme – they restore balance between progesterone and estrogen – two important hormones that play a vital role in regulating many functions and systems of a body.

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Best drugs provide breast with useful substances (many of them include wild Yam extract and natural progesterone, Aloe, sweet almond oil, palm oil, Rose oil, soybean oil), improving digestibility of phytoestrogens, stimulate cell regeneration, improve skin condition (rejuvenate, hydrate and soften it).


Well-known products are BreastActives, TotalCurve, Brestrogen, Bustmaxx, Vollure, Naturaful. A wide selection of medicines for breast enlargement you can find on JiJi!

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The reason to go for these medications is that they give you only proven compounds that had been tested by experts. Furthermore, this solution is manufactured in a registered lab of FDA and it also holds the certification of Cgmp. Aside from such, BreastActives had followed the strict standards of US Pharmacopeia.

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Maca powder

Do you want to enlarge your breast naturally? Stay cool, it is quite possible – try taking Maca powder!

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100% proven product that also works on the principle of balancing the hormones. It will not only help you enlarge your breast and hips, but also significantly improve and enhance your health! Read the detailed post about wonderful powder!

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