Skincare Routine For Real Man skin routine seemed to be only woman stuff. But how many boys and men suffer from such unpleasant thing like razor burns, acne and pimples. And skin foundation, powder become neccessary things to look normal. Despite the fact that men, who wash with soap and use newsprint scraps to fix  cuts after shaving, now are rather relicts in the civilized world, many men still have no idea about male beauty care.

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Modern men are divided into two camps. One feel themselves completely at home among a variety of skincare products, daily use them with great pleasure, and do not try to hide it. But the men of the second camp believe that any, even the most terrible force will not force them to open a tube of facial cream. They dash aside from windows with cosmetics in stores, as the devil from holy water. of those two camps often despise each other: skincare-addicted call opponents to come from the Stone Age, and they, in turn, make fun of the excessive attention “Handsome” to their appearance. How to find a “golden mean”?

Every self-respecting man will tell that selfcare is not a shame, but it shouldn’t too excess.

What is the minimum skincare routine for every real man? Read next pages!

Men’s skin: the main problems you know, the men differ from the women not only a way of thinking, but also the skin structure. Men’s skin is 20% coarser than women’s, because it contain much more collagen and elastin fibers. This is the main explanation for the fact that men have wrinkles appear later, and UV rays do not cause substantial harm to their skin.

Why men’s skin is often prone to be oily? Firstly, there are many sebaceous glands. Secondly, because emission of hormone testosterone activates sebum producing. And finally, large pores and increased blood circulation. Naturally, with age, the amount of testosterone is declining, and the skin becomes drier. But until that happens, it needs a thorough clean. in the male body is actively produces prostaglandins (hormone-like substances), provoking the emergence of various kinds of redness and inflammation on the skin. And indeed, the skin of men are much more sensitive than women. One reason for the sensitivity can be considered regular shaving, which destroys the skin’s natural defenses – lipid film, and skin suffer aggressive “attacks” from the environment.

The simplest algorithm of care

Above all, remember: skin care will  not take a lot of precious time and do not require any complex effort. And do not be frightened, imagining how many products you will have to buy and how long you will study the instructions for their use. In practice, all is as simple as possible. The procedure for skin care consists of several stages, easy to learn.

Let’s get start!

Cleaning start, you should learn that a simple washing with water and skin cleaning – are two different things, that can not replace each other. You remember that the man’s skin is prone to be oily? The accumulation of sebum and sweating provoking clogging of the pores, resulting in inflammation and appear black dots.

What to do in such a case? If you – “happy” owner of the problem of oily skin, then the best option for you will be morning and evening washing with warm water with special cleansing foams and gels for washing. They are ideal to remove fat and skin contamination. When you’re done with the washing, wipe the face with a cotton pad soaked in lotion or tonic. That’s all cleaning. Simply, isn’t it?

Peeling, maybe it’s a completely new word in your vocabulary, but try to remember it. And not only remember. The gels and foams for washing can cleanse only the topmost layer of the skin, and you may need more – so called heavy artillery.

What to do? Get a facial scrub and use it once a week. Abrasive particles will remove stratum corneum of the skin and give it softness. And scrub greatly facilitates shaving procedure: it lifts the bristles, which will be shaved near the root and prevent ingrown hairs. Besides, after peeling the skin will able to better absorb the valuable components of cosmetics.


Water – it is a substance that prolongs the youth of your skin. And if you do not want to detect premature wrinkles on your face, you should make friends with healing moisture. One problem in this situation is shaving: after that  pores are open, which leads to loss of moisture.

What to do? Forget about all the prejudices and use a moisturizer. It is particularly important to apply it to the skin around the eyes. Men age more slowly than women, but everything happens not gradually but in spurts.

For him and for her? fact, there are no any tangible differences between cosmetics for women and men, except for packaging design and fragrances – a vivid example of successful marketing. The composition of all products is almost identical. Moisturizing and nourishing properties are usually manifested on a female, and on male skin. So choose a cream or tonic, focusing only on its components and indications for use (for dry, oily, combined or normal skin).

You are good fellow, kind and courteous, have open smile but think that girls look only on handsome guys? Well, start grooming your appearance! And you’ll be better than good! You are the best!

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