Symetium Smartphone PC: Computer Or Smartphone? Both!

Today the Swedish company Symetium has a real chance to become a founder of innovative solution – creating a modern smartphone, which can be used as a stationary PC.

 symetium smartphone

This can be achieved thanks to the possibility to connect your smartphone via Type-C USB port to computer monitor. In addition, the device can assume the function of keyboard and mouse during your work on PC.


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Prehistory. You must spoil before you spin

Symetium Smartphone PC is an uncompromising phone with features of modern powerful computer.

The first stage of fundraising campaign at Indiegogo wasn`t successful: instead of 1.25 million, the concept got only 71 thousand. Marketing analytics see the reason in the high price on device ($ 600), although some modern smartphone models by well-known brands cost much more nowadays.

 symetium phone

At this point the Swedes are thinking over a strategic step: to sign a contract with a major mobile company (company`s name is a secret).


Concept model looks fabulous:

  • ultra-slim body;
  • OLED 5“display covered with protective Gorilla Glass 4;
  • 6 Gb RAM, which is twice more than the last iPhone and Samsung Galaxy have;
  • front stereo dynamics;
  • fantastic for mobile 256 GB of memory;
  • 24-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lenses.

If the further fundraising campaign will be successful, the new hybrid will see the light in summer 2016. We can only wonder what unique devices the leading famous brands that have a pile of cash and latest technologies will prepare for us to that moment.

The plan is that Symetium owners will be able to use the device as a traditional smartphone, and as a full-fledged personal computer. To turn the smartphone into the comp, it is enough to connect it to the docking station that is connected to a desktop monitor. And you can easily work using a traditional keyboard.


In general, creating something like this on the basis of a modern smartphone does not seem that extraordinary. But Symetium suggests to optimize this process – a kind of a “turnkey” service. The device will have a truly powerful hardware and will fully conform to the work on the PC.

For example, after you connect the smartphone to the monitor, each device will have its own interface: smartphone will have its own, and on the monitor you will see the picture optimized for working on tablets. And at the same time, the user will be able to receive the calls without any changes in monitor interface.


Nevertheless, many believe, that you can`t make a desktop PC even on the basis of the latest Android 6.0 (they think that Windows OS is the only option). But let’s hope that the project will succeed!

Symetium The no-compromise Smartphone PC

Symetium The no-compromise Smartphone PC

you can follow the project here if you want Ok so this is what i’ve been working on for the last two years or so it’s a smartphone meant to replace the personal computer as i don’t see a reason for the two to be apart, i’ve always found

What’s inside of the Symetium smartphone? Go to the next page & find it out!

Technical characteristics


Modern Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with four 64-bit Kryo cores, ARMv8 architecture-based, 2.2 Ghz, as well as a powerful graphics controller Adreno 530. In addition, the Snapdragon 820 includes cellular modem X 12 LTE that enables lightning-fast download speed – up to 600 Mbps.


Symetium will have 6 Gb (!) of RAM and Flash-drive up to 256 GB. The device will have Symetium OS on the basis of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Great time of autonomy work will be provided by 4000 mAh capacity battery.




As we have informed, the production of Symetium PC Smartphone will be possible on the assumption that Indiegogo campaign will attract at least $ 1.25 million. If so, the device will appear on display cases in July 2016 year. It will cost $ 499 for a 64Gb version, $799 for 128 GB and $ 999 for 256 Gb.


Symetium-The Smartphone PC with 6 GB of Ram and 256 GB internal Storage


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