Top 10 Men’s Style Mistakes, Part 1

Do you still think that style, fashion and self-care are a women’s prerogative? Well, there are already thousands of Nigerian men ready to prove you wrong. Trust us, there is nothing bad about wanting to look good; on the contrary – the more effort you put into your appearance, the better people will think of you and the more comfortable you’ll feel.

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However, buying new, expensive or designer clothes does not guarantee you a look that will be well received by others. Many men are prone to making the same fashion mistakes that can spoil your whole appearance. Want to find out what you might be doing wrong and how to correct it? Then keep reading! And come back in a week, where we’ll discuss 10 other men’s style mistakes.

1. Unkempt look

Rumpled, unclean clothes, dirty shoes, uncut hair – these are all signs of a man who doesn’t care about the way he looks. If you don’t want to make a wrong impression on the people you meet, make sure your clothes, shoes and hair are always in an impeccable state. If you want, you can carry a brush to give your clothes or shoes a quick clean-up.


2. Wrong pants length

Finding pants or jeans that are exactly as long as you need may sometimes be impossible, but it’s not the reason to fold up your pants, unless folded up pants is a look you’re going for. If your jeans or pants are too long, take them to a professional tailor to make them look the way you want to.


3. Too many colors

Color coordination is a huge theory that may seem complicated to some, but there are some basic rules that can be applied to any look. Most importantly, make sure your outfit doesn’t have more than three major colors – a bigger number of colors might make you look like a circus artist, and not a polished professional that you are.


4. Tie issues

Tie is an indispensable part of a formal ensemble, and you probably own a few ties. However, wearing them requires a bit of effort. First, your tie shouldn’t be too long or too short – the tie’s end should be on your belt buckle. Second, never wear a tie with a short-sleeved shirt. And third, while tying your tie make sure to make a dimple in the centre of the knot.

5. Wrong socks with a formal look

When it comes to formal clothes, either in work environment or for a special occasion, your socks must match your suit in color – for example, a dark grey suit requires dark grey socks, while navy socks go best with a navy suit. The only exception is when you wear a light-colored suit – in this case your socks should be one or two shades darker than the suit, but still lighter than the shoes.


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6. Mismatched styles

It’s no secret that different styles call for different clothes and accessories. If you care about your appearance and image, learn to separate styles in your wardrobe. For instance, a well-dressed man would never accessorize a formal suit with a backpack or trainers. Obviously, a backpack is a very comfortable way to carry your stuff around the city, but a messenger bag will work just fine and looks much better with a suit. Want to look polished and professional? Then leave backpacks for hiking!

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7. Unflattering hairstyle

Finding the right hairstyle, the one that is easily maintainable and looks great with your face, is a tough challenge. A lot of people are tempted by the newest hairstyle trends, but the latest trendy hairstyle may not work for you at all, while a simple, neat hairstyle will make you look stylish and serious. Additionally, if you have a bald spot, never comb your hair over – this will not fool anyone.


8. Visible labels

There were time when it was cool to wear branding on your clothes – it was a way to tell others how much money you’ve spent on your look. These days things are different, and wearing clothes where the label can be clearly visible may be considered distasteful. You don’t want to look like a walking advertisement, do you? If not, then hide the brand underneath your clothes.


9. Clashing prints

It’s one thing to be experimental when it comes to fashion and wear printed clothes; it’s another thing when the prints on your clothes clash. A general style rule is to wear only one printed item of clothing at once. For example, if you’re wearing a gingham-print shirt, your pants, blazer and accessories should be solid-colored – a printed suit with a printed shirt will tell everyone you don’t have much taste in clothing.


10. Outdated shoes

Remember when 15-20 years ago men were going crazy over chunky, square toe shoes? Well, these times are far behind. Nowadays other shoe styles are considered to be stylish, while those old-school shoes will probably never make a fashion comeback. Want to make a good impression on people you meet? Then hide square toe shoes deep in your closet!


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