Top 5 Safest Cities In Nigeria To Live In

When it comes to buying real estate, we pay maximum attention to the factors that matter to us the most. Different buyers have different demands for real estate: some future homeowners want to live as close as possible to the large city centres with their developed infrastructure and blooming nightlife, while others value quietness and comfort of the suburbs of small towns.

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Whatever your criteria for choosing your perfect house or apartment are, there are some things you can’t overlook, and safety is one of them. Unfortunately, safety is still a valid concern for a lot of Nigerian territories, and there are some places where your safety can be compromised. However, these 5 cities have the highest levels of security Nigeria has to offer, so if you’re looking for property to buy, take these 5 locations into consideration.

5. Abuja

One of the most economically, socially, culturally and technologically advanced Nigerian cities, Abuja is loved by Nigerians for its stunning architecture, green environment, and well-developed infrastructure, but this city is also a desired location for buyers who value safety above all. A lot of Nigerian police force is concentrated in Abuja and can be often seen patrolling the city streets day at night. The authorities of Abuja work hard to fight the existing criminals and prevent new crimes from happening, and it seems like they have already achieved success, because crime rates in this city have been steadily declining. See new real estate offers in Abuja right now.


4. Osogbo

Osogbo can hardly be viewed as a large city, but this fact doesn’t prevent it from being one of the most sought after locations when it comes to real estate. Buyers who are looking for a safe place to live choose Osogbo for several reasons. First, this city is largely populated by Muslims, who have no conflicts with Christians or native believers and live in harmony with the rest of the population. Second, the government has been constantly investing in the city economy and youth development programs, which has helped lower crime rates and bring Osogbo to a new standard of living. Check out the Osogbo real estate market.


3. Calabar

One of the smaller cities on our list, Calabar, nevertheless, has a lot to offer to its citizens and people who plan to move there. Thanks to the steadily developing economic situation Calabar has been attracting investors from all around the country, which positively influenced the city life in many regards. In addition, Calabar is a well-known tourist attraction, which helps it maintain a very low crime rate. People from Nigeria and other world countries view Calabar as a desirable location for moving in, doing business, looking for jobs, and raising a family in a quiet and secure environment. Take a look at real estate offers in Calabar.


2. Lagos

As Nigeria’s capital city, Lagos has an understandably big population that continues to grow. However, only a few years ago the safety situation in Lagos left a lot to be desired, but, luckily, this situation has already changed. These days Lagos is a blooming capital city with lots of economical, social, and cultural attractions. Whenever you choose to live in Lagos, either in the centre or in the suburbs, you’ll have a secure family life free of any religious conflicts and will be surrounded by beautiful scenery, friendly neighbours, and one of the most developed Nigerian infrastructures. Find your new perfect home by looking at new Lagos real estate offers.


1. Ibadan

Ibadan is another fairly large Nigerian city where, despite all the factors, the authorities managed to achieve a fairly low crime rate. Thanks to the cleverly planned police system and advanced security measures Ibadan became a sought after real estate location. The close proximity to Lagos added to Ibadan’s popularity among real estate buyers, and the developed economy and infrastructure helped thousands of Nigerian family find a new secure home. If you’re thinking about moving to Ibadan, check out the latest Ibadan real estate ads.


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