Track Yourself! Jawbone UP2 & UP3 Fitness Trackers

Sports shirts that “cool” you, sneakers with unique bouncing soles, tennis rackets that evaluate your hits and sensors that count the amount of water you drink. What would the athletes do without all these sports technologies?

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Today we will focus our attention on the latest stylish and multifunctional Jawbone tracker!

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Briefly about the new trackers

Jawbone presented new design of popular UP2 fitness-trackers, as well as six new striking colors for UP2 and UP3devices.

They presented a number of new features for UP2 and UP3, which improve the reliability and functionality of devices. You can get them through the UP application, updating your software free of charge using Bluetooth.


Download Up app by Jawbone. Inc:

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“We are pleased to expand the design options of our fitness trackers by presenting a new elegant strap for UP2 and 12 attractive colors for UP2 and UP3 that makes the UP line even more universal.

Now the UP bracelets by Jawbone look like jewelry” 

Travis Bogaard, Vice President of product management in Jawbone Company

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UP 2 specifications


In April 2015 Jawbone Inc. presented a prototype of a new generation of the bracelet-tracker-UP2.


Its features:

  • the lack of physical button, which often went down;
  • easy adjustable TPSIV-clasp with a metal hook;
  • tracker became smaller and now easily gets into the narrow sleeve of sports jacket, while retaining all the features of its “ancestor”;
  • to activate a smart alarm clock, “day sleep” or stopwatch workout, you just need to get the iPhone, run the application and put required checkboxes in the settings;
  • Jawbone introduced more practical, modern solution for charging – through contacts on the device body;
  • battery “lives” 5-7 days;
  • due to the refusing of physical buttons and new charging, the device has now improved waterproof features;
  • 3-axis accelerometer of UP2 counts the number of steps made per day, calorie consumption in motion and in rest, periods of inactivity and monitors sleep. If you use smart alarm clock for waking, the tracker will wake you up with vibrations in the phase of REM sleep;
  • Apple Watch is more convenient for receiving notifications about achievements:the UP has no progress bar activity;
  • the new design not only give higher breathability to the wrist, the strap now looks like the jewelry: the tracker is now available in six new colors, specially chosen by Pantone.

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UP 2 and Up 3 updates

For users of UP2 and UP3 trackers Jawbone Inc developed a free firmware update that contains a set of new features, including automatic detection of sleep and heart rate tracking in passive state throughout the day.


As for the design of the updated UP3 collection, this time the company gave due attention to colors and ornaments. Now there are such options: turquoise, blue, ruby red, champagne, silver and bronze, and several new textures on touch panels.


Thanks to the aforementioned software upgrade, UP2 and UP3 users no longer need to touch the surface of the bracelet to enable or disable the sleep mode. Now UP bracelet automatically detects when a user falls asleep at night and wakes up in the morning. UP3 tracker will read data about quick and deep sleep, allowing the system to continue detection and detailed tracking of the sleep phases.


Speaking about the heart rate tracking in passive condition: previously the sensor measured only heart rate immediately after waking up, so adding the heart rate tracking in a passive state in the course of the day will give users a more complete picture of their health.


The function provides unique information about how daily activities, the choice of foods or caffeine, tense meetings and other factors can affect a heart rate and overall health of a body.


Thus, a more complete picture of the overall health and habits of the user appears that allows us to provide more specialized and personalized advice.

Firmware update for UP2 and UP3 is available to all users of iOS and Android (version 4.7 or higher).


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