Typical Problems Of Black Skin & Best Solutions

We all live in different parts of the world, in different environments, so it`s no surprise that we have different “sets of cosmetic products”.


Even though black skin has some specific problems, today there is a wide range of great cosmetics products that can help solve all these problems. In addition to the right products, it is advisable to visit a dermatologist who specializes in ethnic skin care. Ideal beautiful skin is something that everybody can have.


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Typical problems of black skin


Natural Beauty

Acne is a disease of sebaceous glands characterized by clogging and inflammation of hair follicles. Due to the ethnic predisposition, as well as the fact that one of the main endogenous (external) causes of acne are the climate and ultraviolet rays influence, acne today is a significant problem for Africans.


Since the appearance of acne has a number of internal causes, the treatment should be chosen individually and comprehensively.

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Those who have dark skin, are familiar with the problem of color discolorations. Hyperpigmentation of post-inflammatory nature is one of the most common. It occurs when the skin is inflamed as the result of an injury, including acne, sunburns, scratches, surgery, rashes or specific cosmetic procedures.


The damaged area may remain darker and it can take months or even years until the skin returns to its initial color. Lightening creams, treatments containing glycolic or other acids, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion can significantly speed up this process.



Depigmentation may occur at any age and means the appearance of white spots on the skin, i.e. the areas of the skin without melanin. The most common causes of Vitiligo are the internal problems in body, constant stress and imbalance of vitamins.


The American Vitiligo Research Foundation suggests such types of treatment as topical medications, skin mini-grafting and a combination of oral medication and phototherapy. In addition, there are medications that increase skin sensitivity to UV radiation, followed by irradiation with them, PUVA therapy, laser therapy, masking using skin whitening products, or Sceness, Vitiskin gel, Melagenin, as well as taking supplements.


Woman putting on a facial mask

Usually wound healing continues throughout the year and ends with the formation of ordinary scar, but sometimes the process of normal wound scarring is ruined. Skin scars remain for life, creating noticeable cosmetic and functional defects.


Keloid treatment may include both: surgical removal and non-surgical treatments, such as steroid injection. Cryotherapy can also be very effective. Treatments based on Aloe Vera show excellent results. Different oils are also widely used for keloids treatment.
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Brands of beauty products for black skin



Ambi is a popular brand of black skin care products established in 1966. Ambi produces a wide range of face and body care products, including daily cleansers, moisturizers and products for specific issues, such as whitening creams for hyperpigmentation and spot treatments for dark marks.




Forever 2

Products from the collections of the brand were created with the utmost care and attention, taking into account the results of the latest research and the day-to-day needs of your skin. The brand includes a wide variety of essential oils, natural skin care products and natural drinks.

Forever 3

Forever 4

The brand is known for revolutionary effective remedy against keloid scars – Aloe Fleur De Jouvence.

Forever 5

Nyraju Skin Care

Niraju 1

Ruled by eccentric Juliette Samual, this company offers a full line of products for face and body, including spot treatments, masks, anti-aging products, and scrubs. The products are made of natural ingredients.

Nyraju 2

GNLDs NutrianceGnld 2

High-quality ecologically pure products made in Europe and in the United States. All the nutriance products are natural. Vitamins, supplements, cosmetics, weight control, home care products will significantly improve the quality of your health and life.

Gnld 3

Cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing, refreshing, renewing and protecting – the company has a solution to any problem!

Gnld 1

Clear essence

Clear Essence 1

Brand known all over the world for wide range of skin care products of different types – mature, dry, oily, sensitive & normal. It has excellent anti-aging skin care, vitamins skin care and natural tone lines.

Clear Essence 3

Elessia Cosmetics

Elessia 1

Created specifically for black skin, Elessia’s skin care line offers cleansers, toners, scrubs, and gels containing effective ingredients for daily skin care.


Iman 1

Iman was one of the first cosmetic lines designed for black skin. Now the line is considered to be the best available for African-American women.

Iman 2

Well-known for their quality cosmetics, this brand offers skin care products for normal/combination skin, dry/mature skin, and even a line specifically for those with hyperpigmentated skin.

Iman 3

Skin care products are brilliantly completed with quality make-up products: foundations, concealers, powders, bronzers, contours, blushes.


On JiJi you will find best skincare products from all over the world!







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