10 Tips For Fixing Damaged Clothes

Damaged clothes and accessories are one of the most frustrating things that can happen to us on a daily basis. When your favourite jeans get ripped, or your new shirt gets stained, or the sole on the shoes gets broken, you only have two ways out: fix the clothes or get new ones. If you’re ready to update your wardrobe, you buy all necessary clothes on JiJi, where you will find cool shirts, jeans, pants, suits, shoes, and anything you may need. And if you want to repair your clothing, here are 10 useful tips.

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1. Lipstick stains

Did a kiss from your sweetheart go wrong and now you have a lipstick stain on your beloved shirt? Worry not, because there is an easy solution. Go get rid of the stain you need just one thing – a bottle of hairspray. Spray some of it on the spot, leave for 10 minutes, and dab with a slightly damp sponge until the stain goes away, which will happen pretty soon!


2. Clean suede shoes

Suede shoes are undeniably cool looking, but they are also notoriously hard to maintain. Suede gets ruined so easily that in order to have good-looking suede shoes you need to avoid water, direct sun, dirt, sand, freshly cut grass, etc. If your suede shoes are covered in dirt that is especially hard to get out, try gently scrubbing the surface with a nail buffer – you’ll see the stain disappear!


3. Get rid of grease stains

Imagine a situation: you’re sitting at a restaurant, enjoying your meal, when suddenly a greasy piece of food falls down on your nice shirt. This incident can ruin your whole evening, but not when you know a sure-fire method of cleaning grease stains: simply soak the stained part of the clothes in a bit of dishwashing liquid for 10 minutes and then give the item a good rinse. After washing in a washing machine your shirt will look as good as new.


4. Renew your jeans

Jeans are a staple in every man’s wardrobe, so it’s understandable that you want your favourite pair of jeans to last as long as possible. However, frequent washing ruins the jeans before time, and this is something you can’t avoid, unless you want to go around in smelly jeans. The only way to avoid washing your jeans while keeping them fresh is to put them in a plastic bag in your freezer overnight – in the morning you’ll have a nice smelling pair of jeans without having to wash them.


5. Gum on your clothes?

Getting gum on your clothes is almost as bad as getting it in your hair: in both cases gum is incredibly hard to get out. And while you may have to cut a whole chunk of hair to get rid of gum, there is no need for these drastic measures with clothes – just put the damaged item in freezer for a couple of hours and the gum will come right off.


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6. Smelly shoes

Shoe odour is a very common men’s problem, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of. If you want your favourite shoes to smell nicely, put some dry tea bags into the shoes and leave them for a day. Remove the tea bags and enjoy your newly fresh shoes without any funky smell. Just remember to never leave your shoes under direct sunlight or heat.

7. Save your buttons

If you love wearing shirts, you’ve probably experienced situations when there is a button that is just about to come undone. Actually, knowing how to sew on a button is a very valuable skill for every man, but if you can’t do it right now, use some clear nail polish – just dab a dot of polish over the button and it will last you at least another day.


8. Whiten your shoes

Sneakers and trainers are a very popular type of men’s footwear, and white trainers can elevate your whole look. However, it’s very easy to get your snow-white shoes dirty after just one day. To get rid of dirt and stains take some baking soda and scrub the shoes using your old toothbrush – this trick works wonders!


9. Eliminate sweat stains

Like smelly feet, sweat stains are a normal part of every man’s life, but it doesn’t mean you should walk with your sweat stains forever. If you want your shirt to be free of sweat stains, you’re going to need a lemon. Squeeze some juice from the lemon and spray the juice on the stains. After some time, wash the clothes in your washing machine and enjoy a sweat stain-free shirt!


10. Stuck zipper

If the zipper on your beloved hoodie, jeans, shoes or jacket is stuck, you should never force the zipper, because you risk breaking the entire thing. Instead you should rub the teeth of the zipper with either some Vaseline or a simple graphite pencil – the trick is to grease the zipper so that it opens and closes more easily.


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