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While reading this article you won’t get to know how to spend your day productively or find a new job. You won’t read about relationships with your girl/boyfriend and how to survive the brake-up. We’ll share with you some of our secrets – what products & services on JiJi are going to have the biggest discounts these winter holidays. Christmas time is coming and so the season of unbelievable sales!

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Electronic devices

In the era of high-tech it is especially important to stay up-to-date with the latest innovations of technology. It definitely saves you time and money when attempting to find necessary information. That’s when a good electronic device comes in handy. Nowadays Smart phones and Tablets are the most rapidly evolving technology representatives and are the ones to lose their prices almost every day. The reason for discounts are that there’s always a new better gadget appearing on the market so it’s important to secure its advantages at least in respect of the price aspect.


The best time to buy electronics is definitely Christmas & New Year’s time. Both retailers and online-shops make discounts for about 90% of their production. Undoubtedly, that it’s better to shop online on such web-sites as as they don’t need to pay rent and wages to numerous staff, therefore they are capable to make bigger discounts as they are not losing anything.


Consider an option of some used electronic devices. There are really good gadgets that the owners got bored of quickly and want to get rid of as soon as possible, especially before the Christmas holidays when some extra cash is needed. So don’t hesitate, maybe it’s your turn to catch a golden fish!


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Clothing & Shoes


Our outlook items are also the ones that drop in price practically every day. There are many fashion designers who compete with each other creating newer and more unique dresses, skirts and shoes every month.


Fashion changes but it is possible to stay trendy if you find at least half an hour of your time daily to monitor the prices online. Besides, you can be very lucky to get numerous hot deals on, especially during winter holidays time.


Underline your style with the special clothing accessories which also fall under discounts this winter. Hats, sun glasses, bags and belts — you may have all of it at lowest prices HERE!


Want some new Jewelry & Watches? – go find hot offers on the following page.

Jewelry & Watches

Another category that falls under discounts this winter holidays is Jewelry. It might be of great use if you decided to make her a proposal this Christmas. Now you can consider an option of a small diamond for the same amount of money as you prepared for a simple golden ring with zirconium.


If you are into jewelry anyways, consider something hand-made. Such jewelry items tend to be ob-durable and beautiful as their so-called “producers” are interested to make a good publicity for their works therefore bringing more clients.


Watches are an important accessory for business people who want to show their position in the society. But still not always we have enough money to buy a solid one. This winter there is no need to worry about financial issue anymore as on JiJi you can find a wide range of watches of different kindbrandy, quarts, and digital ones of all colors and shapes.


And again and again the best offers are to be found during New Year holidays on JiJi. Monitor the prices and good luck in your search for the perfect gift.

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