New Android Lollipop Features You Should Know About!

Operating systems are “doing their best” to become “lighter”, prettier and simpler. The new versions include a number of additions and improvements that make user`s life easier.


Do you want to unlock your smartphone winking to its camera? Or wake it up with your voice? Maybe sometimes you need to save battery power as long as possible, maybe you always want to know how much traffic you`ve spent? Now it`s really easy! Meet the new Android Lollipop 5.0!


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New battery saving mode

The feature promises to prolong battery life up to 90 minutes! This is great in case of an extreme situation, isn`t it?

Battery saver 2

To enable this feature open Settings, press “Battery”, then click Menu (icon with three vertical lines in the upper right corner) and choose “Battery saver”.

Battery saver 3

In the “on” condition it is trying to reduce consumption by turning off vibration and some applications running in the background, so be ready for this. Applications that synchronize their data may fail to do so, if they will be in the background. The function turns off when you connect the charger.

Battery saver 1

Viewing pictures on TV screen using Chromecast

Your favorite apps, photos, games and other stuff – are now on a big screen due to Chromecast!

Chromecast 1

Chromecast 2

The app that works with Chromecast is built in a system. Using this device that is connected to HDMI-port of your TV-set, you view data from your smartphone on TV screen. Go to notifications, and click the “Cast” button. The device will be detected automatically and begin the transfer.

Chromecast 3

Chromecast 4

Attention: you should enable battery saving mode on your Android device, because it can reduce processor performance and worsen the quality of transfer.

Chromecast 5

Tracking the traffic

Life is too short to keep track of your MB! Even if you don’t have unlimited Internet access on your phone.

Traffic 1

If you do not want to use a third-party application to track the traffic flow, it is likely that you will love Android 5.0 new feature. To find out what amount of traffic you have already used, open Notifications and press on the icon of the operator.

Hide or enable private notifications

Lollipop 5.0 seriously thought over the notifications. Now it is not only nice to work with them (for example, clicking twice on notification about the app, you open this particular app), you can read them on the locked screen.



Unfortunately, if they are visible to you, they are visible to everyone else! If you don`t need this, go to Settings > Sound > Notifications, and choose “Hide sensitive notification content” in “When device is locked” section. Or you can hide all notifications!



Adding “reliable” devices

You can set Bluetooth or NFC tag as “reliable devices”. When the device is in range of your phone, you do not need to enter your secret code or password to unlock it.

Trusted devices 3

To set this function, go to Settings > Security > Smart Lock > Trusted Devices.

Trusted devices 2

Note that the Smart Lock option will be available only if the device has passcode lock.

Trusted devices 4

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New locking features

Another difference of Android 5.0 Lollipop is that the lock screen is one of the safest places in the new OS.

New locking features

For example, you can hide the details of notifications on a locked screen of the device. In other words, you can hide your private notifications.

New locking features 2

Creating unique and guest profiles

To do this, you need to stretch down the notification panel and click on the profile icon at the top right. You will see a list of profiles. If you have not used this option yet, there will be your profile and invitation to enter under the guest account, or create a new profile.

Creating unique and guest profiles 1

Creating unique and guest profiles 2

It is convenient to log in as a guest profile, if you want to lend someone your phone and limit its functionality. Creating new profile will give the new user the ability to customize his settings and access to features that are not available from the guest profile.

Creating unique and guest profiles 3

“Wake up” your phone using your voice

Slide on the home screen to the left to get into Google Now, then click on the three bars in the top left corner, then go to Settings > Voice > “OK Google” Detection. There you can enable voice recognition, and it will work even if the screen is locked and the phone is asleep.

Wake up Voice 1

Wake up Voice 3

Wake up Voice 4

More options to use NFC

Android Beam feature, first introduced in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, has been improved due to the release of the Lollipop. Until then, users could share only web links, contact information, directions and video from YouTube, and now they can share anything.

More options to use NFC 2

Simply select the desired content, attach 2 Android phones that have NFC with their rear parts and either click on the screen, or choose Android Beam in Sharing menu.

More options to use NFC 1

Also, you can use NFC to copy data (for example, applications and settings) from your old Android device.

Color inversion and correction

To find these features go to Settings > Accessibility > Display.

Color inversion and correction 1

Color inversion and correction 2

For people with various visual impairments they offer reversing colors options, as well as three different color modes.

Color inversion and correction 4

Color inversion and correction 3


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