Top Secret. Simple Self-Care Tips For Men

Modern men are divided into two camps. The first ones daily use cosmetics with great pleasure and are not afraid to confess it. And the second ones try to avoid even looking at cosmetics in a store!


We hope you are from the first camp! Because a woman doesn`t want a man, who don`t know how to care for himself!


We prepared for you short self-care tips list, which will raise your chances to conquer any Lady.


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Skin care

Let`s start with the reminding: the best choice for your skin would be organic cosmetics!

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Even though it isn`t advertised much, but only the lazy one haven`t heard about the advantages of such cosmetic products. Organic cosmetics influences the skin on cell level, activates biochemical processes in cells, and what is most important, consists only of safe components.


Another valuable characteristic of such a cosmetics is a high standard certification In other words, organic cosmetics is a quality and safe product that is very beneficial for your skin.

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Remember: washing with water and cleansing are radically different things that cannot replace each other.


Man`s skin contains much more collagen and elastin fibers than woman`s does. In addition, man`s skin has many sebaceous glands. Also, testosterone actively produces sebum. The accumulation of sebum and sweating provoke clogging, resulting in inflammation and black spots.


How to solve the problem? All the guys who have oily skin should learn by heart a simple rule: to perform morning and evening washing with warm water using quality cleansing foams and gels. They effectively remove all kinds of contaminations.

If your face is sensitive or flaky, use a cleanser that doesn’t have sodium lauryl sulfate, which makes things foamy but can dry your skin. Also look for ingredients like ceramides, glycerin, sunflower or soybean oils, or petrolatum, which moisturize.

If your skin is oily, try a cleanser with natural bacteria-fighters like citrus, tea tree oil, or eucalyptus. Typical deodorant soaps are just too drying for the thinner skin on your face.

When you’re done with washing your face, you should clean it with a cotton disk moistened in lotion or tonic. And that`s all!


Even though this word means nothing to you by now, and you heard about it only from your girlfriends, who vanish in the bathroom, saying it, but you`d better remember it! Remember this word – and then remember how to do it!


Gels and facial wash can clear only the topmost layer of the skin, but you may want some kind of heavy artillery.


How to solve this problem? Buy yourself a facial scrub and use it once a week. Abrasive hard particles remove keratinous layer of the skin and give it a softness.

Scrub can make shaving easier: it will raise up the hair, allowing shaving it perfectly. In addition, peeling will give skin an opportunity to absorb useful cosmetic components.


Water is a substance that significantly prolongs your skin youth. And if you don`t want to find wrinkles on your face soon, you should fall deep in love with H2O!

One of the problems in this situation is shaving: after shaving the pores of the skin open, leading to loss of skin moisture.


How to solve this problem? Forget about fears and prejudices and start using moisturizing cream. Pay particular attention to the skin around the eyes.

Men age more slowly than women, but it happens not gradually, but jumpy. Therefore, the “crow’s feet” will at some point appear on your face too.

Men with normal to oily skin can get enough moisture from a light lotion or hydrating gel. If you have drier skin, try a heavier cream.

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Other problems and solutions

Soften up your skin before shaving

For an easier shave, keep things moist. That’s why it’s smart to do it when you’re fresh out of the shower and coarse beard hairs are wet and more flexible.

And if you’re prone to razor burn, try a shaving gel rather than a foam. The newest gels soften hairs even more, so you’re less likely to have redness, razor bumps, or ingrown hairs afterward.


Getting rid of unwanted hair

You know how to shave ... But even those who have a mustache or a beard, need to think about other hair on the face.

What about the hair in the nose? Maybe that is the thing that constantly repel women from you? Or, maybe, that is hair in your ears?


And even your conjoined eyebrows, to which you are accustomed, make you ridiculous, not courageous as you might thought!

You can carefully cut unwanted hair using scissors or a special trimmer that can also help you to get rid of the hair in the ears.

Dental care


No wonder dentists talk about the benefits of using a dental floss. It helps remove plaque and tiny food particles.

This simple and quick procedure will help you keep your teeth beautiful and will save you from unplanned visits to the dentist. Try to always use dental floss after you eat something.


If you are at home, you can also use a mouthwash.

Sun protection

Facial Hairstyles for Young Men - New style trend

If you are going to the beach, be sure to buy an SPF cream. Apply it to face and body – it will help you to protect yourself from harmful effect of sunrays and significantly reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Also, you should use sunglasses to protect your eyes from the UV-rays.


Read labels before you buy!

Skin care product labels can seem confusing at first, so to simplify things, just look for a few helpful key words:

  • Noncomedogenic” means a cream or lotion won’t cause zits;
  • “alcohol-free” means it’s likely to be gentle and won’t dry you out;
  • a cleanser or lotion with “antioxidants” or vitamins A, C, or E may help skin repair itself from everyday damage.



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