Which New Car Should You Get In 2016?

As 2015 comes to its end, many people begin to plan their purchases for 2016. Buying a new car is something a lot of households dream of, and if you’re ready to purchase your first car, or upgrade your old one, you’re going to need some help to make the right choice. We can all agree that the best cars you can get in early 2016 are the cars that came out in the last few years, so that they still have the excellent appearance, finesse and reliability of new cars. Ready to start the journey to your perfect car? Then keep reading! And remember any car you want can be bought from JiJi.

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Sedans belong to the most popular types of cars for a reason: they combine the striking appearance with the practicality and endurance. Of course, you can’t take most sedans on an off-road journey without risking damaging your car, but when it comes to running errands around the city, there is nothing better than a beautiful and reliable sedan. Here are top three sedans for 2016.

Volkswagen Passat is known for its attractive appearance, but this model has a lot more to offer to its buyers, namely – the famous German quality, attention to the details, and plenty of additional features to make the driving even more enjoyable.

Honda Accord has survived numerous redesigns, but managed to remain one of the most sought after models in Nigeria. Boasting a powerful 2.4L engine and 6-speed manual transmission, this is a perfect choice for fans of reliable and fast cars.


Toyota Camry belongs to the most beloved models among Nigerians and around the world thanks to its fusion of groundbreaking design, excellent driving experience, and an ability to withstand a lot of challenges while keeping you safe and comfortable.

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Small cars

If you want to be able to enjoy the benefits of a sedan, but at the same time want a car that will fit into your small garage or busy city streets, then compact cars should be your top choice. Their moderate size makes for a very comfortable ride, and thanks to their ergonomic design, small cars demonstrate decent fuel efficiency rates, which is especially useful now that the fuel prices are going up. Check out the three best small cars for 2016.

Kia Soul attracts the attention of buyers from the second they see this compact yet stylish car. Combined with an appealing interior, superb driving qualities, and reasonable prices, it’s no wonder Kia Soul remains a top selling car for 2016.

Ford Focus is considered to be a classic small car for a reason – not many other models have managed to maintain their popularity, style, and powerful character throughout several decades. Get a Ford Focus and you’ll never be disappointed.

Mazda 3 has been featured in numerous video games and fashion photoshoots, which is not surprising, considering its striking appearance that achieved an iconic status. Paired with a strong engine and stylish interior, Mazda 3 should be your top choice.

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SUVs haven’t been around for as long as other types of cars, but their relatively young age didn’t keep them from achieving massive popularity. SUVs are a top choice among celebrities and business executives thanks to the combination of their impressive modern design, pleasant driving experience, reliability, and a luxury feel that only SUVs can offer. You can choose from small, luxury, crossover, compact, and performance SUVs. Ready to get a new SUV in 2016? Then check out our top three!

Nissan Juke can never be confused with another model – its appearance leaves no doubts the Juke is an exceptional car. The inside of this model is as great as its outside, so you can never go wrong with choosing it for your 2016 upgrade.


Kia Sportage may not be as visually striking as some other SUVs, but it doesn’t mean its driving qualities are less appealing. Reliable, strong, powerful, and comfortable – the Sportage has it all when it comes to choosing a new SUV.


Volkswagen Touareg belongs to the most popular SUV models thanks to its combination of attractive design, renowned German reliability, spacious interior, and precise handling and steering that create a very memorable driving experience.


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