10 Completely Bizarre Wedding Rituals From Around The World

Humans are strange beings by their nature and so are the customs and traditions each cilture has invented for themselves. One of the most weird ones are the wedding rituals and here are 10 the most bizarre ones.

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#10 – Beating the groom’s feet


It is necessary in Korea if the groom gets his feet beaten with fish or a cane right before his first wedding night. The ritual takes place in order to check groom’s readiness and strength before the wedding night. The ritual itself looks quite cruel as the groom’s friends take off his shoes and tie his feet with a rope together. They then lift his legs off the ground and start beating the soles of his feet. Nevertheless, it is not painful, and is more fun than anyone could think of if watching for the first time.

#9 – Smashing-crashing the dishes


It is very popular in many parts of Germany. Guests bring dishes for the wedding, and the newlywed smash them all. Pots are clashed and cookeries are broken. The wedding place turns into a junkyard with plenty of smashed dishesthe cleaning services are definitely needed after such rituals. The cacophonous sounds that broken dishes reproduce are meant to scary away evel spirits and let the newly born family live in peace and understanding.

#8 – Marrying an animal


In India it is beleieved that if a newbornchild has a baby tooth already erupted through the gums, than the ghoast can inhabit his or her soul. In order to get rid of the ghoast and find a good husband a girl should marry a goat or a dog. This is nothing but a mock ceremony and the girl is not expected to copulate with the animal. It’s just to ward off the evil spirits, she is free to marry a man later on.

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#7 – Groom’s kidnapping


Watch out if you are a rich and wealthy man. The parents who don’t want to pay dawry for their daughter can kidnap you. And then you are forced to marry a girl against your own will.

#6 – Delicious gross

5Who could ever imagine that in such developed and civilized country as France people do the following. After the wedding party is complete, the guests put the leftovers of different kind into one bowl looking like a toilet and the newlyweds should eat and drink it all. The ritual symbolyzes the fuel the couple will be given to have a great night ahead.

#5 – Marrying a tree


Coming back to marrying animals and other strange things, in India if a girl was born under an astrological combination when Mars and Saturn are both under the 7th house, she is believed to be cursed. And the curse is that her husband will have an early death. In order to break the curse the young girl should marry a tree first. Then the tree gets burnt and the girl can get married and live with her husband happily ever after.

#4 – Preplanned crying


In China a bride and her female part of a family start getting prepared to the wedding day 30 days ahead by …crying. The bride starts crying 1 hour each day, in 10 days her mother joins her, and in other 10 days a grandmother continues the tradition. The women all weep in different tones so the collected noise sounds almost like a song.

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#3 – Bride blackening


It Sweden it is believed if the bride is strong enough to come through the process of blackening, then she is capable to survive the marriage and the upcoming life problems. The ritual of blackening means gathering all the nasty things one could ever imagine like curdled milk, dead fish, spoiled food, tar, sauces, mud, flour, sausages into a bucket and throwing it over a bride. She is then tied to a tree and after taken for a night of drinking.

#2 – Spitting on the bride


In other countries poor brides must come through other no less gross and humiliating rituals before getting married. In Kenya the bride’s head is shaved and her father spits on her bold skull and her breasts blessing her in such a weird way. Then the bride leaves the village with her husband and does not look back for fear of turning into stone.

#1 – WC forbiddance


Could you ever imagine that your honey moon would start from the forbiddance to pee for 3 days?! The Tidong people believe that emptying your bowels leads to a broken marriage, infertility, or even the untimely death of your children. To avoid this the newlyweds are locked in their wedding suits with little food and water for the next three days.

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