10 Necessary Items for Each Man For Successful Houskeeping

Not only women are responsible for housekeeping. Men have also got their responsibilities like changing light bulbs and sharpening knives. In order to execute one’s responsibilities successfully there are 10 house items that are necessary for each man to have at his home.

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#1 – Hammer drill

From ancient times true men used hammers in order to manage many domestic chores. A rip hammer is an all around utility tool capable of dozens of tasks besides driving nails. They are demolition, chopping, measuring, bending, digging and others.

Male carpenter using a power drill

A more updated version of hammer is a hammer drill which is much easier and quicker in its usage. Whenever you got a chair or a table broken, or you need to hang a new picture on the wall in your living room, hammer drill will always become your best friend in such situations.

#2 – Pocket knife

Young woman chopping orange pepper

Pocket knife can not only be a weapon. It can perform many other tasks. You can use it to open boxes and letters, to cut zip ties and cordages, or cut out a splinter. You can add a new hole to a belt or trim the tags off of clothing. You can also help your beloved one to prepare a quick lunch cutting up an apple, cheese, or making a sandwich.

3Pocket knife is a useful tool not only in domestic chores, but when going for camping or a simple forest walk. Whenever you need a campfire, you may use a pocket knife to cut small branches.

#3 – Knife sharpener

4It’s a shame on you if the knives in your kitchen are blunt. Therefore your beloved wife is cannot choose but spend a lot much time preparing food. Unsharpened knives make her put additional efforts to cut products. So don’t blame her if tomato pieces are too big in the salad. Instead, go and purchase a good knife sharpener and keep the knives at your home in the appropriate condition.

#4 – Bottle opener

Whenever there is a celebration like birthday, Christmas, or you are just holding a home party for your friends, there is always place for a bottle of a good wine. And a true man should always have a bottle opener at his home.

Young man and woman opening bottle of wine in park, smiling

Of course there is another technique of opening the bottle with wine if you haven’t got a bottle opener at your home. One of you stands with the bottle in his hands keeping it with the bottom directed to another one keeping a plastic bottle with water or cola. The man with the water beats the bottom of the bottle with wine until the cork slips out. It is possible that you will lose a definite quantity of wine after such process and will probably bedraggle the floor carpet. So the best way to avoid such situations is to have a bottle opener at your home.

#5 – Hair trimmer

Hairstylists Giving a Haircut

Hair trimmer is the least fitting the description of being a household item but still it comes in handy when you need to quickly make your hair look perfect and there is no barbershop open. Besides, it will save you much money if you have your own hair trimmer at home and your wife will be always glad to experiment with your new stylish haircuts.

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#6 – Hand sewing machine

7It is a perfect item not just for easy everyday fixes, but is awesome for traveling. Handheld sewing machines provide so many benefits like flexibility, thrifty pricing and the fact that for many models, no electricity is required! They are perfect for doing simple projects or a little mending without bringing out your full-sized machine.

#7 – Measuring tape

Parents measuring daughter

From measuring your body dimensions to measuring the size of the sofa that will fit your living room – a measuring tape is a necessary home item for every man to have. A measuring tape is a nonfungible thing especially when building, maintaining, and repairing a home or auto.

#8 – Weights

Woman on Scale Measuring Her Waistline - Isolated

Whether your beloved one needs to check how many kilos she has lost in the gym or you need to weight a suitcase before going in vacation in order to not overpay for extra weight at the airport – home weights are a necessary item to have at your home.

#9 – Portable Ladder

Young man standing on a ladder with a young woman standing beside him

Having a portable ladder at your home is necessary not only for the period of home repair. It is useful when changing the light bulbs or hanging the window curtains. Especially it comes in handy when winter holidays approach – when decorating a Christmas tree, or hanging the garlands on the windows outside your house.

#10 – Baseball Bat

No, I don’t mean you must go visiting baseball club and become a professional baseball player. Having a baseball bat at your home doesn’t even mean you will ever need to use it at all (God bless you!) But in case of burglaries or other unfortunate situations when you will have to protect your family and your belongings from foes, a baseball bat will be of service to you.

African American man holding baseball bat

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