10 Startups To Watch Over In 2016

Today’s world is the world of continual innovations. Taking this into account, if one wants to be successful they must keep watching over startups that may have something valuable to offer.

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#1 – Mobcrush

Set in 2014 Mobcrush has appeared to be quite successful on the market of mobile game live-streaming. One of the most favorite has become Candy Crush Saga raising around $10 million. But Mobcrush developers don’t intend to stop on this and plan to expand on mobile devices more and a positive experience with Clash of Clans designed for iOS has showed it’s worth it.


#2 – Patreon

If you are a man of art and you’ve got lots of stuff to show to the world, then you should register on this platform. It was designed especially for people to be able share their music, videos, and films with the rest of the world and get donations and sponsors to be able to impel their works.


#3 – Doormint

Could you ever imagine that your smart phone would do clothes washing & ironing for you? With this app it has become real. Doormint provides hassle-free, punctual and transparent utility consumer services at your doorstep. Its current services include on-demand electrician, plumber, carpenter, and electronics appliance repair and pest control. In 2016 they plan to expand with their services so watch out!


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#4 – SendinBlue

You are young, talented, ambitious and full of ideas but have no sources to show what you’ve got to the world? SendingBlue has got something to help you with. It’s a marketing company that will help your message be seen by huge audiences of potential customers. Watch out its updates in 2016 and set up your own business using the best marketing tools.


#5 – Giphy

5The era of simple pictures sharing has passed and the time for animation has come. Giphy is the platform that saves you time for searching GIFs on the Internet. Giphy is a search engine today but soon you’ll see it grow into a community, a platform with a host of features targeted at gif artists, enthusiasts, bloggers, and anyone generally looking to discover or create that next big meme.

#6 – Play Buzz

The company enables you to play and create the hottest content on the web where you can make your own quizzes, lists and polls, embed them on your site or just share with all your friends. Download an app on your smart phone and keep up with new cool updates that are appearing in 2016.


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#7 – Alodokter

This healthy platform is able to provide you with all kinds of information about medicines, diseases, fitness, and exercise. You may also ask certified doctors questions describing your symptoms. Or you may write down your own diet together with the best specialists that will fit your body requirements perfectly.


#8 – Inverse

8Stay updated with the latest mind-blowing news and high-tech innovations together with Inverse. Best music, funniest videos, most unexpected political twists – you don’t have to search it on the Internet as the most fruitful ones are all in Inverse.

#9 – FutureLearn

HERO BANNERYou are literally nothing if you don’t have enough knowledge in your head that you can use for your own good. FutureLearn provides each of its visitor with valuable courses and classes from the leading world Universities and certifies professors who are ready to give you lectures online in more than 10 languages and completely free of charge. Here you may become a psychologist, a lawyer or a programmer. All you should do is register and devote your time to learning.

#10 – JiJi

maineBay in the USA, Ali Express in China, and JiJi in Nigeria. It has become very popular to shop online nowadays. And it has become even much popular to sell your old no more needed stuff to others chatting with your potential customers and making hot deals. So watch out what JiJi has prepared for you this year.

May 2016 be full of successful purchases with JiJi!

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