15 Tips To Make Your Relationships Last

Finding a perfect partner that seems as your soulmate is just the very first step of building strong relationships. The most difficult part comes with the flow of time when you’ll have to keep that fire burning.

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The essential part in loving each other is learning to love oneself first. So here are the tips you should follow:

1) Practice mentally

p7M9oaD6sNgStart from simply practicing with the words. Stand in front of the mirror and say to the reflection how beautiful it is and how much you love it.

2) Practice physically

S11HcrCaeOYEat healthy food, do morning exercises, go to the gym at least twice a week. Taking care of your body means loving it.

3) Spend some time and money for yourself

aMhW6NYYNqsDon’t spare the time to find a hobby – something you’ll be enjoying doing. Don’t spare some money to spend for your own relaxation – like going to the professional for massage or doing some cleaning spa procedures for your skin.

4) Have your own friends

8LHN2cSl_mIIt is essential that you have at least 1-2 of your best friends that you may call any minute and ask an advice. Besides, everyone needs some rest from the people you communicate with on a daily basis, and in this case it’s your partner.

5) Keep growing

8T9NWcTiS9YMaintaining your knowledge and erudition on the appropriate level is the main purpose of every human being. Devote some time for your own good – take some learning courses from time to time. That might also bring you some new fresh ideas of how to surprise your partner.

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Once you are successfully done with the step of loving yourself, it’s time to move forward and learn of how to love your partner.

#1 Talk to him/her

5Fkl3xwRX5QIt is important that you share your thoughts, ideas, and things you have special feelings about. Your partner will feel your sincerity and that you want them to be included in your life, and it doesn’t matter if you are talking abut C# programming that he/she has no idea about – just talk about it.

#2 Touch him/her

AJM0udBSpm4Non-verbal communication is something that brings you closer intimately. The tactile feelings are able to say much more than simple words, and they will surely have their long-lasting footprint on your partner’s emotional state.

#3 Learn to forgive

za7hgxPJuG4There are no healthy relationships without ability to forgive each other. Even though you might be arguing from time to time and feel like you were right this time, learn to ask pardon. Believe me, this will only make your partner appreciate you more.

#4 Say “I love you”

aQKzUF7ckAYSay these words a couple of times a day, don’t wait for the right moment – just do it. Compliment your beloved one. Say how beautiful she is that new dress or how that new perfume of his makes you lose your mind. Tell them how special they are, make them feel unique.

#5 Find something you can do together

GudEE-Sqrm4Having a shared hobby gives you more material to discuss something and to find common grounds. Pick up a book and share your ideas about its content. Take a weekly dance class and learn to move your bodies in alliance. Train for a race together – this is a great way to get closer, whether you’re training for a 5K or a marathon.

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Sexual relationships are worth giving it a special attention, especially when it comes to couples who are together for a long time. The sexual desire vanishes with some time and so it’s important to follow these tips to save your affection.

1 – Make love no less than once a week

CTfCPk5Ni84No, it doesn’t mean that you should follow your agenda and exactly at 8 p.m. Sunday evening make love with your partner. On the contrary, you must be conscious that you actually want him/her and that you possess a desire to please your beloved one.

2 – Keep it fresh

eMwQCifknpgThough your lovemaking may not be what it was in the beginning after five years together, you should still try new things in the bedroom so you’re still excited about making love with your partner and that everything you do still feels like an adventure.

3 – Make surprises

S7YxmbkODysPrepare a romantic dinner, go to the theatre or climb the 2000 meters mountain – just surprise your beloved one. Make them believe you haven’t lost the spark and that you are ready to conquer the world and bed together.

4 – Teach your partner what you like

iRUmrFCEHXULikewise, making you happy will make him feel good. And research shows that the sexual pleasure of one partner increases the pleasure of the other partner.

5 – Travel together

rv6Qm8frujMTraveling has always been ?1 best tool to get new impressions therefore bringing new fresh ideas to bed. There is no person who’d say they didn’t get turned on when going to travel to an unknown place. So use it as your advantage to both expand your knowledge about the surrounding and maintain your sexual desire on the highest level.

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