15 Cleaning Tips For Very Lazy People

Whether you are an incredibly lazy person or you are simply too busy to maintain household, these 15 tips will definitely help you keep your home clean with no supernatural efforts.

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#1 – Multitask during idle time

1While you are cooking and waiting for the food to be prepared wash some dishes. Or when you are in a bathroom waiting for the hot water to start running, tidy up the bathtub.

#2 – Use socks

2After each cleaning up of the floor, use clean socks to walk around until it is dry. The Murphy’s Law works and you will definitely need to make a sandwich in the kitchen right after you cleaned it up.

#3 – Buy anti-microbial doormats

3Put anti-microbial doormats just as a microbes’ preventive method and a way to keep your home cleaner. And make it a habit to take off your shoes right at the doorstep and put them on right before you go somewhere out.

#4 – Clean your microwave oven the easy way

4Pour 2 cups of water and 1/2 a cup of white vinegar into a microwave-safe bowl. Pop it in for about 3 minutes on full power. Let it sit for a few minutes. Remove the bowl carefully and wipe clean.

#5 – Use a plastic grocery bag when cooking

5It will save you a lot of races to the trash can when cooking. Just keep a small plastic bag on the counter every time when cooking.

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#6 – Dust with your dryer lint sheets

6Dusting with dryer lint sheets is a genius idea because not only do the anti-static properties of the sheets wipe off the dust, it also prevents future dust from collecting.

#7 – Wash the dishes right away

7The food on the dishes quickly dries out and may stick to it very hard. To avoid your broken nails and wasted nerves, wash the dishes right after having your meal.

#8 – Use liquid shower gel

8Use liquid shower gel or a body wash instead of soap so you get much less soap scum building up in your bath tub.

#9 – Use no-wipe cleaner

9Every time you bathe, spray a no-wipe cleaner on your shower walls. An interesting thing is that you don’t even have to touch the walls – the spray will do its cleaning work itself.

#10 – Acquire a laundry basket

10To avoid the dirty clothing mixed up with clean ones, buy a laundry basket. Make it a habit to put the dirty socks into it, not your wardrobe or somewhere under bed.

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#11 – Use car fresheners

11Put car freshener clips on your air vents to keep your house smelling fresh. Besides, it is a good way to economize on room deodorants.

#12 – Clean a blender the right way

12Just fill it up halfway with lukewarm soapy water, put the cap on, let the blender rip for a few seconds.

#13 – Expand the capabilities of your dishwasher

13You can wash and sanitize things like toys, baseball caps, galoshes, knee pads, potatoes, etc. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

#14 – Clean your dishwasher

14Dishwasher can wash many things for you therefore becoming your best friend in the cleaning up process. Now it’s your turn to take care of it. Clean your dishwasher by running it on hot with a cup of vinegar.

#15 – Everything has its time and place

15And so does the cleaning up and so do the things at your home. Put all your home appliances on their places after each usage. Take your time for bottoming the house once a week. But if you are still too lazy or too busy, refer to cleaning services that are always glad to assist you.

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