Sideboard Again In Trend!

Sideboard – one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture. The appearance of the kitchen cabinet sets replaced the cupboards in our homes, but not for long. Now they are back in fashion. Sideboards are relevant for both the interior in vintage and modern styles. At first they support the style, and secondly, are very nice and quite spectacular accent.

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What is sideboard?

Sideboard – a cabinet for the kitchen and dining area, designed for storing utensils, covers, table textiles and certain products.

Most often sideboards have the following form:

  • below – a roomy cabinet (often with drawers);
  • above – open shelves or a cabinet with doors;
  • between the lower and upper parts – space above cabinets countertop.

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Sideboard acquired this shape the XVII century, and since then has not changed. This form proved to be the most efficient and convenient. Even modern minimalist sideboards are usually classical or close to such style with small deviations. Sometimes the sideboard is a whole cabinet without separating the upper and lower parts. The variations are many, but the main thing remains the same: a sideboard is a floor cupboard.

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Where to place sideboard?

1. As a continuation of the kitchen furniture. Sideboard can be part of the working cabinest. In this case, it is placed close to the kitchen set or at an angle to it.
2. Part of the dining room. Most often sideboard is setted close to the dinning table, regardless of where it is located – in the kitchen or in living room.

3. The frontier. Buffet can be zoning element separating the kitchen and dining room. To this purpose, it is positioned between them, standing, for example, perpendicular to the wall.

4. On both sides. Sometimes such  panning is the most advantageous in terms of rational use of space. You can take more than one bulky cupboard but two narrow-case sideboards and place them on either side of the room – for example, on either side of the window.

5. Empty place. When it comes to the kitchen or living room with dining area, the sideboard would be organic  on any free segment of the room.

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What design and color of sideboard choose?

The same as a kitchen set. This arrangement is optimal if you plan to make a sideboard continuation of the working line or angle. Sideboard in this case must be ordered together with the kitchen.

Similar but not the same. Sideboard can repeat only the color or the design of kitchen units. This will naturally fit cupboard  into the interior and at the same time visually highlight it, showing it’s autonomy. For example, a white modern kitchen can be supplemented with white classic sideboard.

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Similar to a dining furniture. If the sideboard is placed in the dining room, it can be a single ensemble with its furnishings.

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In the style of living room. If the dining area is located in the living room (including with kitchen), a sideboard should be consistent with the overall decoration of the room. The color and style of sideboard may overlap with a coffee table, a TV shelves.

Accented sideboard. Catchy colored, standing out, sideboard can be a central part of the interior. Such choice will look good in a variety of styles, including classical, country and modern.

These are just a few of the many possible schemes. The main thing – sideboard should delight you with it’s appearance and not in conflict with the room decor.

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